Not sure if this question is in the right place but here goes. I now use a wheelchair due to weak legs, this is a really silly question but the problem is enormous. How the devil do you pull up undergarments and trousers, especially after using the loo???

Well, i stand up (while I still can) and lean my head against the wall. That leaves me both hands free to “adjust my dress”.


you can still pull up the bits whilst sitting as far as you can. You need a grab rail one that opens so you can lean on it to pull up the rest. If your legs are weak you need some form of physio really. I wont use my wheelchair in the house as i was told if i dont use my legs i will loose them, so i try to move them with help if needed to keep my muscles stronger. Its hard work but it does pay to do it, and i can manage to adjust myself after the loo. there are also things you can buy to help you with these things. I wear trousers everyday but they have elastic waist so it makes it so much easier to pull them up. Have you asked your GP for help with an occupational therapist?

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I have zilch mobility now so need a carer to see to all that mallarky!

But before then I would stand slowly, carefully, try really hard to concentrate and say to myself ‘Straight legs!’

It would take a few goes, but I once broke the toilet when I fell on it! Oh and it did chuffin hurt!!

Keep that standing strength as long as possible, yeh?


Badly, is my answer. I wobble a lot. I have pretty heavy duty bars on the wall, so I do as Crazy Chick said and pull up as much as I can while sitting, then stand using bars. Then I wobble to pull up my pants and sometimes have to sit down again before I can muster the energy to get the trews up. Then round 2 with the trousers. If necessary I grab hold of a bar, the wheelchair or the sink. At the moment it’s stretchy jogging bottoms all the way because I’m going all the flaming time (UTI city), but eventually I hope to be able to wear proper grown up clothes. In the bedroom I have a folding frame that I can pull out which helps with the initial getting dressed bit. And when I’m really incapable, I can lean on that and Mr Sssue pulls up the necessaries. It might be a good idea to do some sitting and standing exercises to see if you can strengthen your legs. Might be a good idea for me too!



Thankyou for the replies. Apologies for this very late response to them, not sure what I do wrong but the system just wouldn’t allow me to reply,

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