Dream worlds or not ...............

Was it all a dream? I’m not so sure …

I’m going through a bit of a strange one the last few days.

I moved from the Wirral to Sheffield and had a great life of holidays, parties, a nice house, work. Is that what you call normal stuff? I have now moved back to the Wirral in much, much more of a broken state than when I left and I wake up and think that my 12 years in Sheffield was but a dream. If it wasn’t for photographs I would be thinking that that part of my life wasn’t real. It just seems so surreal…

Have I awakened?



Hi Marty, I think life before MS can seem like a dream. When I think of the long walks I used to take, or the job I had, or parties and holidays, yes, it all seems now like a dream.

I work on trying to live ‘here and now’ (not always successfully!). Try not to look back too much, try not to look into the future.

We can’t have our old lives back and that is like a sort of death… but life is life. We are still here! Live in the moment!

Pat x

Hiya Pat

I agree that you should not look back too much. Still it does feel like that part of my life never happened - well at the mo anyway.

Hmmm very strange feeling. It’s like life is full of a book of chapters - except I think I’m missing a few pages now. Oh dear! LOL!


Hi, well you know, what we did before, help shaped us into who we are now. MS/whatever has added to the mix. We are all still VIPs.

luv Pollx