Double vision and Botox ,,,,,,,,,,,

Hiya Gang!

Well here we are. January 2013 and the appointments are starting to roll in again after having December off.

Double vision is one of my many symptoms and no one has really been interested over the years …until now.

I have seen (no pun intended) a surgeon in Liverpool last week and he wants to have a play with me! In fact he has booked me in tomorrow to try out some Botox injections into the eye muscles to find out if it gives any improvement and if so surgery! Gosh!

I’ve never seen any posts or information on Botox or surgery to help with the double vision symptom on the MS site. Anyone had a go or am I a pioneer? Erm … or guinea pig!


Hi Marty, I’m not any help really, I’ve read about this before and I’m going back many years so the idea had been around for awhile but I’ve never had it and don’t know anyone who has. But , I just really wanted to wish you good luck with it, go into it with an open mind, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let us know how you get on. Cheryl:-)

Ditto! re eyes.

But did have botox for painful feet. Didnt help at all!

luv Pollx


I have botox around my right eye as I have blespharospasm which causes some double vision. I have 3 injections every 8 weeks, it seems to work well, but it dose wear off as you come to the end of the 8 weeks. I have been having it injected for 2 years now and I do feel at the moment it is a little less effective than when I first had in done. But certainly worth a go. Incidently I also have dystonia in my right foot and that is treated with 7 botox injections.

Twist xx

Update on Botox gang!

Ha! It’s worked! Not perfect but I had a two week review yesterday and I haven’t worn my eye patch to watch TV since the injection. The specialist was amazing. Funny guy with even a hand on my shoulder…and… he has helped me!

What can I say? Wow! An improvement on a symptom. A reversal. Never had this. So a goal back in the match of me versus MS for a change!

Another appointment in 6 weeks to see where to go next!


SOOO pleased for you.

My only experience with botox is folk at work and its worked for some and not others,so glad you are a lucky one.

Also the noticeable thing was the length of time it worked for.For one guy he could go for months and months with it still being effective.

Having had ON twice I know what a relief it is to have your vision back.