Double vision - a possible relapse? Any quick solution?

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing double vision. I’ve tried checking my vision of the left and right eye separately (by covering one and seeing with the other) and it seems alright. But when trying to see things to my left in hindsight, I seem to be struggling to focus. I have experienced two relapses that began with double vision so I’m apprehensive. I have also miraculously recovered from a left-leg numbness for about a week in April, after I had some Naga food with a lot of pork! So I know by personal experience that a relapse can be fixed by food or change in lifestyle. I know omega and fatty foods are beneficial for MS, and I have initiated my consumption of fish oils today. Does anyone have a tried-and-tested way out of a probable relapse? In my case, double vision? I’ll be thankful to those who can help.

Hi Ankona, I think you need to talk to a specialist in MS, your consultant or nurse. Sounds as if your MS is fairly active so some form of drug modifying treatment will reduce chance of another relapse. Double vision is not good news cos it could affect driving


Steroids can work like a dream, but you need to a) be certain that it’s a relapse, and b) check that you don’t have a sneaky UTI.

Your GP can prescribe high dose steroids. But get them to prescribe something to protect your stomach simultaneously, like Omeprazole.

Steroids aren’t a cure exactly, and sometimes don’t work quickly, or as well as you’d like. So expect them to be unpredictable.

Patrick is absolutely right, you should talk to your MS nurse, or if possible, your neurologist. Have a talk about Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) if you’re not on one. And if you are on a DMD and are still relapsing, then maybe you should be on something different.

Best of luck.