Doom versus hope and appreciation


I have also posted this in PPMS. The last few days have offered polarised perspectives.

I’ve been saying the year can only get better.

Has it?



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the year?! one day at a time for me often broken down to hours!

great read-thanks!


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Really enjoyed that Steve! Thank you ! I am a reader and a lover of books and your way of writing captures me every time, I think you could write a recipe for scrambled eggs that would be interesting!! The illustrations made me chuckle to - so thank you. Family and friends have the power to be the light in a dark tunnel, it’s those small gestures or the big ones that show they care that mean so much. I’m chuffed that you were able to experience positives faced with many a reason to be negative. Hope you and your poorly angel are both resting now, FB xx

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Your writing is amazing, it takes a lot for me to keep reading after 30 or so words, but your brilliant style and honest good humour keep me interested and entertained. I can empathise with some shared experiences and learn about loads more. Your writing reminds me of of Melanie Reid and her “Spinal column” (another brilliant writer who can engage what passes for my brain)

Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Steve,

A voyage that rivals Gulliver’s Travels.

It shows what happens when we push our equipment as hard as we push ourselves.

You are the epitome of Resilience.

Best wishes,


wonderful upbeat attitude you have. sorry i’m writing like yoda.

You should worry, I look like him.

Don’t you mean:

Worry you should like him I look?

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I think it’s as much: Worry should I look him like you. Sue

Nice piece Steve. As usual. Hopefully the year will improve.


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Into the belly of the beast, and ready for the next round.

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