Dont know whether to laugh or cry!

Just spoken to my neuros secretary. … my LP results are back! Apparently my neuro will be callijg me tomorrow to talk me through them. Dont know how im feeling right now… scared that my MS dx will be confirmed?! Maybe hopeful that I will get a firm dx?! So many emotions right now! So the countdown begins… just 24 little hours! Think some internet shopping is needed to take my mind off it lol :slight_smile: Hope you are all well Sian x

Good luck Sian, whatever tho outcome

Sonia x

Hi Sian,

I don’t think they will do a confirmed diagnosis over the phone - NICE guidelines say it’s meant to be face-to-face.

So I don’t know quite how they play it, if they have evidence that would normally seal the diagnosis, but won’t be seeing you in person.

I do assume he wouldn’t be calling you if it was normal, but it does see a little unusual he wouldn’t request a face-to-face, if he knew it was going to be the diagnosis discussion, so I reserve judgement on this one - I’m not sure you’re going to get a definite answer on the phone, and I’m not sure it would be a proper way of doing things, even if you did.

I hope you won’t be too shocked/disappointed either way.



Hi, I cant imagine any neuro would give a patient a diagnosis over the phone…maybe thats how yours works.

However, it isnt long to wait, but in that time you could do some serious on line shopping.

Good excuse indeed!

Look forward to reading your next instalment…and about your purchases.



i have not had a lp.

i was under the impression they could rule out other things but couldnt confirm 100% an ms diagnosis cos u could get false positive or false negative results. my diagnosis was confirmed by symptoms and mri.

hope the phonecall helps you and doesnt raise more questions than it answers…take care, ellie

Hello - just to say that I had my diagnosis over the phone. I though it was odd (didn’t know about the NICE guidelines then!)

Hello. Don’t know if you’ve had any scans but maybe he wants you to have one based on your LP results. Either way good luck with the phone call. Xxx

Thank you for your reaponses everyone. Yes I have had scans, whoch showed 2 lesions on my brain. I was hospitalised for a week with stroke like symptoms hence why I had the mri and LP. I was told to prepare for a MS diagnosis… so hopefully tomorrow will bring some answers :slight_smile: P.S the internet shopping is going well!!

Hi, i haven’t been on here for a while but do check in for a look now and again.

I was diagnosed over the phone by my neuro last October but i had said to him that it didn’t really matter

about telling me face to face and i didn’t want to wait longer than necessary. Good luck Sonia x

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What you looking for?


If I was in your situation I would want them to give me a diagnosis (or not) over the phone, whatever the NICE guidelines might say - but that’s just impatient old me! Hope everything’s done in a way that suits YOU tomorrow - ask for what you want. Jackie

My dx was confirmed over the phone. I had a face to face a few days earlier and neuro was almost sure at that point but wanted the final LP results. Hope the shopping going well. I know I am feeling really fed up as I just purchased myself another tablet - I convinced myself I need to keep up to date for work and justifying to myself what I will use it for. Barney