Don't Know where to start

Feel out of place. I didnt know [edited] about M.S. Until the 24th of April, i’m afraid.

On that day i met a woman who has M.S. by sheer chance. I know she has memory issues, balance and slight mobility issues as well as some issues expressing herself. But she is also active, intelligent, kind and has the best smile to ever cross a face.

I don’t know if she feels the same as i do, and i feel pretty serious about her.

Sorry rambled on there.

Basically i would like to know a bit more about relapses. I don’t know what they are but they sound pretty bad and i’m frightened because she said if she feels bad then she could suffer a relapse and i suffer with depression.

Can my depression affect her M.S. into a relapse? What is a relapse? Am i putting her in danger with my depression?

I’m so sorry if my ignorance is upsetting. Truely. I’m a bit embarassed. I wanted to ask the woman in question but we don’t get to see each other as often as we both would like because she’s very active…

Sorry rambled a bit. Any help and information would be most appreciated.



Hi Dan, sounds like you are pretty smitten, which is lovely to hear! Relapses are horrible & they are different for everyone. Stress is a major factor in triggering them, but they may only happen occasionally. They occur randomly, I know in my case, I can tell when 1 is coming on, I am heading into 1 now to be honest, very stressed for a couple of weeks & it’s certainly a trigger. Whether or not your depression will trigger 1 is hard to answer. I don’t know how often your lady suffers relapses, she sounds like she is coping pretty well, being so active. From a personal relapse perspective, all my symptoms are hightened during it, the fatigue is worse, as is eyesight, speech, mobility etc. I haven’t been out for over a week & I know I will probably not be able to function for a few more yet. Everyone’s different, so don’t be thinking you can cause 1, nature of this beast we have, it rears it’s head at will, you shouldn’t be worrying you can cause 1. My advice is, have a bloody good time together & don’t worry about things we can’t predict or change. Enjoy yourselves!! Tracey x

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Thankyou Tracy. Means alot. Hopefully i dont [edited] it all up :slight_smile:

You wont, just be yourselves, relationships are supposed to be shared, whatever happens, let it happen, if you don’t take the chance you will never know!! Tracey x

hi dan

tracey is right.

the PIP fiasco has been trying to tip me over into relapse but my husband very kindly gets me drunk if it looks likely!

he did that last night so now i’m too busy feeling hungover to feel stressed about PIP.

not advising you to get this lovely lady drunk of course!

carole x

Hi Dan,

Wow! You found a superwoman there! I can just imagine your awe for her while reading your post. :slight_smile:

May I ask how old she is? Generally, relapses manifest between 20 and 30 years old, but not sure if this is common above 30. These are times when her symptoms flare up. She gets more fatigued, weaker and may want to rest more often. Just be with her. Talk with her. Watch television together. Love each other. :slight_smile:

Dont know where you got this info from,but it is not right at all.

i never had a relapse until the the summer before my 50th birthday.

we were on holiday in greece. beautiful place and great hotel but the temperature just kept getting hotter and hotter until even the greek waiters were flagging.

then my legs went crazy.

i set off to the nearby shop to buy a watermelon because i was craving one.

it was only 100 yards from the hotel but with my crazy legs and a heavy watermelon and my brain had a paddy.

i got really lost and although i could see the hotel i just wasn’t getting any closer.

it was like being in a surrealist picture by escher.

it was a relief to get diagnosed soon after.

carole x

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