New Relationship

I have recently met someone who I have come to enjoy them and we are very compatible. I really like her a lot. She was honest in the being of our connection that she had MS. At the time she was healthy vibrant and was not experiencing any symptoms. 2 months later she has had what she calls a relapse and has physically been down from her symptoms for about two weeks. I am going to re-emphasis I really like her a lot. Am I taking on too much? I go back and forth. I do like her and value her, and she is not her illness, however, her illness does affect her. She has been completely transparent with me. I don’t know.

Any suggestions?

Two weeks isn’t that long when it come to relapses.

If you can give it a couple more weeks, then you’ll have seen her MS at its worst.

also you’ll get an idea of how the recovery goes.

good luck

HI I can imagine it feels quite weird meeting someone with a serious condition, when you dont see the bad sides of it at first.

MS, particularly remitting/relapsing MS can fluctuate in severity of symptoms so much. Nobody can predict what it is likely to do next.

Some folk get on well with meds to slow progression and attacks (relapses) that they remain relatively well for a long time.

Has your friend said if she is on any? It is good that she was so open with you about herself.

If you would like to learn more about RRMS, without asking her, there are free leaflets from this site you could read up on.


I have been reading up on MS on this site it has been great thank you .

Hi SB78, welcome aboard our merry ship!

Youve tagged your message onto a post of someone elses and you may be better starting a new post on Everyday Living. Have you been diagnosed with MS?


Ha ha ha !!! I wrote the post and tagged it anonymously