Don't know what's wrong - moods

Hello everyone

Just wondering if I’m going down hill.

I’m emotional, my feet tingle, at present my legs are heavy, I tripped too many times to count today and burst into tears because I was struggling to walk properly. I have had a lot of stressed lately looking for work and I’ll admit I have been panicking and doing the general mum role. I really need a job and have been worrying how I’ll be despite laws etc,all which goes against those with a disability. I worry that my disability will take over, at present I start off walking ok then after a while my leg struggles to lift properly and I trip (scuffed my shoes badly)guess I should say bye to any hope of walking back in heels again ads my balance is totally crazy (I try to hide it).

I saw my nurse last week for check up and was told possibly stress. Wondering if I’m getting worse as I’m lacking energy,lacking motivation, just lacking and I can’t afford to be lacking anything right now.I don’t feel happy, struggling…I’m meeting a friend for lunch Friday in an effort to shake this feeling as I know it’s not healthy. I am due for my period so perhaps it’s PMS I don’t know. I’ve put on weight around my middle which is awful especially as summer is around the corner, that’s upset me too as I have no energy for exercise right now nor money. Right now everything feels overwhelming. Got a job interview on Monday,hope I do ok as really need job and really need to shake this feeling.

Sorry to sound so miserable, sometimes I wonder if MS affects my moods, hope not.

Thanks for reading this,


I find its the tiredness that causes me to get moody and things that would previously be taken in my stride are major hurdles. Doesn’t matter what they tell you stress makes a huge difference to how you are. I’m sure that once all the terrible things our family are going through right now are sorted and I am happier then I will be more like my old self. And sometimes I wonder what the MS team really do understand. At my previous hospital they discharged me and told me the problems I was having with my hand was probably related to a neck problem, nothing at all to do with MS, and that stress that I was going through was making it worse! Seen a new team taking it all very seriously, even the brain fog and in a way part of the feelings of hopelessness have lifted as they believe me and they have proved that I’m not making it up. Now just to convince work!

Hi Lisa, yes MS is bound to affect our moods. It makes us tired, trips us up, limits what we can achieve in the normal course of the day, without having the added stress of money and looking for work.

Sounds to me like perhaps you`re not really fit to work.

Not sure how the systmes work now, but have you been assessed for ESA?

luv Pollx

I think it definitely affects my mood, there are days I get annoyed by everything and everyone and then the following day I’m quite jolly and happy with people. Maybe I’m blaming MS and it’s something else but I suspect the frustations of MS and whatever is going on in my brain stem could impact my mood often enough to have this effect.

I can feel when I’m really angry and snappy and try and check everything I say and reason everything I’m feeling, It’s not always easy to know “am i really angry? should this make me angry?” but most of the time if I think it over, it’s ridiculous to be angry about it and I never wanted to say that spiteful or nasty thing i was thinking.