Don't know what to do.

Hi, I would just like some advice if possible. I have posted on here before, but not for a few weeks.

In summay I had ON in mid Feb and an MRI scan that concluded I had “likely MS”.

I was referred mistakenly to a neuro surgeon which wasted a couple of weeks and have finally received an appt to see a neuro in August.

This seems a very long time to me. I am very anxious and can’t seem to concentrate on getting on with my life. I know that I won’t get lots of answers when I do see him, but just feel that an expert opinion would help me to get my head round it.

I spoke to his secretary prior to receiving the appointment who told me that what I had was not urgent in neuro terms, which I can accept, but just don’t know how I will be able to manage for another 3 months.

I am lucky at the moment in that I have no disabilities, but altered sensation in my left arm and leg, and urgency when needing to pass urine. I also feel a bit dizzy and weird in wide open spaces. Having been completely blind in one eye, my sight has returned almost 100%

I’m just not doing a very good job trying to hold it together mentally.

What I’m thinking about is whether or not to see the neuro privately.

What do you think?