Don't get cocky

Hello people.

i know I’ve been spouting about the non-dairy and miniscule wheat and carboydrate regime.

But I’ve recovered well from he previous week and am finding better bowel control. But remember, don’t think you can delay going when you REALLY need to go.

It’s a good job I can clean up well and laugh about it.


Aww poor you . Yes best not get cocky . I have a commode next to my bed…I put a beautiful throw over the top of it and sit a teddy bear on it in case anyone sees it …I’m far to young for a commode, my nana had one when she was in her 80s. Michelle and Frazer xx

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So did mine Michelle. She had a leg amputated when she was eighty seven and so our front room became her world.

She passed away at ninety one. Nanny Mac was a proud scouse catholic. After she’d gone my dad left the crosses and pictures where they were.

The move is progressing. Not smoothly but progress is progress. Yesterday was a major boxing day. I had help but mymymymymy. I was cream crackered.

Steve x woof

I must somehow have missed the post about you moving Steve…I really hope it all goes well for you and that you enjoy your new home. I’ve moved so many times and I hate it!

Good luck , I will be thinking of you,

Nina x

Good luck with your move Steve. I hope all goes smoothly. Sue xx