Don't blame it on the MS - get it checked out

My potential ON was, in fact a hole in my retin which had detached. This was missed by the optician who suggested ON as I have MS and I accepted it. However after seeing an opthamologist as it was getting worse (the optician referred me for routine review), I had to have urgent surgery and am hoping my sight will return. The coincidences were amazing. Started on a massively hot day, symptoms similar etc etc. optician even dilated my pupil but missed it.

I didnt push or worry because I just assumed it was MS but it has highlighted that I do blame anything on MS and ignore it because I can’t do anything about it.

So please make sure you get checked out by a specialist as well just to be safe.

Totally support this argument.

For a couple of years now I have been bothered by a typically MS problem - bladder urgency and hesitancy.
Last year a neuro wanted me to see the local continence clinic, and that ended with me on Betmiga (slight improvement).
Following my spell in hospital im March, the Betmiga does not seem to be having so much effect, and last month saw me talking to a GP. This led to a blood-test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), and then to an internal examination, and the conclusion that I have an enlarged prostate (not uncommon at my age) which may or may not be cancerous. Yesterday, the GP “suggests” that he refer me to an Urologist, saying that the elevated PSA level is such that it triggers the “urgent appointment - possible cancer” criteria.

It may be nothing, but it was certainly not just an MS problem, but the last words of Jemerald’s post need repeating:

"… please make sure you get checked out by a specialist as well just to be safe. "

It may be “just” MS - but it may not be down to MS.


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Good luck Geoff. I hope that you are ok and are soon sorted.



I don’t know about sorted, but I had a phone call from my local District Hospital with an appointment for the Urology Department for next week.

Seems that they understand the meaning of “urgent”.


I totally agree with this sentiment. I am always telling people not everything is MS. One girl had pain in her shoulder really bad, and was told MS, and she mentioned once she had a bit of gastic problems, yes put down to MS. I said to her get it checked out sounds like gallstones to me. Well long story short it was.

I think its dangerous just to assume.

Geoff good luck hun, sure it will be ok. My husband has had a large prostrate for ages and ages and it was all ok. xx

Good Luck Geoff, will be thinking of you.


Blame it on the boogie ???

Hope you’re ok Gemma. Best of luck Dr G.

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