Doing the tango


It should really mean doing the tangle oh. Oh, being code for a frenzy of abuse that would make a docker blush.

It really is Dyson with death; death of the long drawn out tedium of untangling the lead and plug after doing a strictly performance across the rich red carpet. If the professionals in Strictly were to just laugh at the futility of their partners in their noble attempts to trip gaily across the ballroom floor, you would have some idea of the vacuous object guffawing at my hapless efforts at domestic expedience.

I should have just fired up Puck, my USS Enterprise shaped robot cleaner. It’s slower and needs encouragement with the gritty end of carpet life but it does save the fragility of my short fused patience. It took me twenty minutes to disentangle the lead from my wheelchair. How can four wheels and a cable create such chaos?


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Oh Steve how difficult, I did something similar today …i was walking on a very narrow pavement and had to lengthen Frazers lead so he could walk behind my chair… next thing I discovered to my dismay that is got it wrapped tightly around my wheels , poor Frazer was nearly chocking, thankfully a kind man helped me get unravelled but not without some effort , I ended up sat on the floor while he had to tip my chair over to unwind the lead. It’s not just Dysons Steve, it’s anything that can drag underneath. I hope you are having a good day. Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh dear me Steve, I feel for you, I have terrible problems trying to untangle the charger for my phone, so you are in good company.

Pam x

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Hi Steve,

You have never known the joys of gardening until you have had to use a garden hose in a wheelchair.

Every move has to be calculated to the nearest centimetre to avoid creating a Gordian Knot.



Well guess what?

This morning I pulled the lead out of the socket and broke the plug. I hadn’t even switched it on. I was merely plugging it in.

I am livid; I don’t know what or who with but I’m growling like an angry rabbit and squealing gaily like Todd Fox. (See Peter Rabbit C beebies).

It’s time to go over the road and buy a cordless with money I don’t have.

It will not spoil my Monday. I’ve already done the Guardian Crossword. I’m warm and comfortable and looking forward to making digestive biscuits.


Mmmm, home made biscuits! I’m sure they will put the world to rights!

Take Care,

Nina xx

Nina, they went down a storm at physio.

I must say though, my cordless Bosch has put my living room floor to rights.