Does this sound typical MS

I feel guilty to ask questions, help or advice as I have not been diagnosed. I have been struggling for quite a few years with tiredness, that is now exhaustion (6months). Since September last year I have had real pain with my joints. My GP said its arthritis. I also had kaleidoscopic vision which the optician sent me back o the GP, which was said it was silent migraines. These have gradually got worse I now struggle with vision and migraine pain. I had to go back to the GP as my home life was suffering due to my memory problems, it got so bad it was interfering with my work, family and life. My doctor decided to send me to see a neurologist. I didn’t tell the neurologist everything as my doctor had only mentioned my memory, I should have told him everything but I felt like a child, which is so silly I know. He has booked me in for a MRI just to rule anything out but he thinks it’s just stress. To add to everything else the most peculiar sensation began on my nose, like pins and needles. Over the last couple of weeks it is there more or less all the time, but since yesterday it has spread all over my face and top of my head. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I really don’t know if this is being caused because I am stressing out without realising it? My friend has MS and she says my symptoms are very similar and I need to start preparing myself just incase. I have read about MS but I’m not convinced that it might be many other things, one being ‘getting older’. I can’t tell you how long this has taken as my memory stops and I struggle to retrieve my thoughts. Sorry for the long post, my face is really bothering me and concerning me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hi, don’t feel guilty coming on here and asking advice. I’m not diagnosed either but it is a great place to ask questions and get advice as so many symptoms for other things are the same as MS. Here everyone knows exactly how you are feeling. See how you go at the docs and just take it from there. Just be prepared that if you end up being sent to the neuro it can be a very long road. That is one thing I have discovered from being on here. It has taken about 2 years for my doc to rule out other things and decide that I needed to be refferred. That was back in April and I am seeing the neuro in a couple of weeks time for my first appt. Good luck and I hope your face sensations ease off soon

Sharon x

Hi both before hubby was diagnosed people kept saying his symptoms did not all sound like ms but it depends on what area of the brain is affected and there fore nobodys symtoms will be exactly the same.Husbands memory is terrible even forgets things from 5 minutes earlier.XXX JULIE