1st timer, nervous

I feel guilty to ask questions, help or advice as I have not been diagnosed. I have been struggling for quite a few years with tiredness, that is now exhaustion (6months). Since September last year I have had real pain with my joints. My GP said its arthritis. I also had kaleidoscopic vision which the optician sent me back o the GP, which was said it was silent migraines. These have gradually got worse I now struggle with vision and migraine pain. I had to go back to the GP as my home life was suffering due to my memory problems, it got so bad it was interfering with my work, family and life. My doctor decided to send me to see a neurologist. I didn’t tell the neurologist everything as my doctor had only mentioned my memory, I should have told him everything but I felt like a child, which is so silly I know. He has booked me in for a MRI just to rule anything out but he thinks it’s just stress. To add to everything else the most peculiar sensation began on my nose, like pins and needles. Over the last couple of weeks it is there more or less all the time, but since yesterday it has spread all over my face and top of my head. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I really don’t know if this is being caused because I am stressing out without realising it? My friend has MS and she says my symptoms are very similar and I need to start preparing myself just incase. I have read about MS but I’m not convinced that it might be many other things, one being ‘getting older’. I can’t tell you how long this has taken as my memory stops and I struggle to retrieve my thoughts. Sorry for the long post, my face is really bothering me and concerning me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hi Dee and welcome to the forum…

Sorry you have had to wait for a reply… we seem a bit short of people right now.

What a rough time you’ve been having. You have absolutely no need to feel guilty coming on here and asking questions. That is the whole point of this board! It is very scary dealing with symptoms that you don’t know what is causing them… so you are in exactly the right place and amongst people who know what it’s like.

There are literally hundreds of conditions that can cause symptoms that you describe, and MS is just one of those conditions. But some of your symptoms are MS-like so it is great that the neuro is sending you for an MRI. This is the first and most important thing to see if you have MS.

There’s something you need to do when you next go to see the neuro. Make a list of the symptoms. Put down the major symptoms… not every little thing and don’t make the list too detailed… neuro’s don’t like that and think it’s health anxiety… but list the main ones, when they started and how often you get them.

Do not tell the neuro that you have been on an MS site or that you think it’s MS. Neuro’s don’t like to hear that!

The neurologist is a highly skilled specialist, but they can’t do their work properly without all of the information. It won’t matter too much at the moment that you didn’t give all the info, because the neuro is sending you for an MRI anyway… but next time you see the neuro you really have to tell him/her your symptoms. Otherwise, when you think about it, it’s not really fair on them… how can they come to any conclusions without all the info?

I’m not sure if you meant you’re seeing the GP today (Sunday) or tomorrow? But if you read this before seeing the GP, do the same thing. Write down the main symptoms. Again, the GP needs this info. Again, don’t mention you’ve been on an MS site or think it’s MS.

Hopefully you will have the MRI soon… and the results of that will show the neuro if it is possibly MS.

In the meantime hon, bear in mind that MS is NOT a terminal illness. Most people with MS can continue to live a fairly normal life… esp with drug therapy. As you have a friend with MS I’m assuming you know a bit about it.

New treatments are coming along all the time… and for the first time there is talk of a cure… so for people with MS the future is looking very positive.

I hope you get some answers very soon darling. I am pleased you are having the MRI… that is very important… and take my advice about the list of symptoms.

Good luck… and let us know how you get on. Come on here and ask more quesions (hopefully you’ll get a quicker response!), and for advice, support and friendship.

Take care… and get as much rest as you can,

Pat x

Hi dee there are alot of people on here who can help with your questions and even though your not diagnosed dont feel you shouldnt be on here as alot of people on here are in the same boat.Pat is a great person and there are lots of other people to willing to help.Try not to worry i know this is easier said than done,believe me i know the sort of thing that run through your mind, dont give up keep going doctors keep telling them your symptoms.Hope you get mri soon when your not well all the appointments seem to take ages.My husband was diagnosed 16th july 2013 offically, but got told back in february 2013 he thought had ms, and september 2012 for brain scan found white spots and multiple old lesions all over his brain. xxx take care and try not to worry xx julie