Does this sound like you?

I can feel pretty normal for a while but after walking for about 15-20 minutes my legs turn to Jello as if I am trying to walk through water. It is a horrible weak feeling. I have to sit for a bit for things to subside. That is my main MS symptom. I wonder what is going on that actually causes this? If I don’t push things, I can feel quite normal. But my day to day life requires me to move around enough to trigger the Jello legs of doom.

I getthat alot and half the time I dont have to bee doing much if i get up from sitting walk to the bathroom it happens even standing for a a few it happens so im with you on that jello ride.



That was the most obvious symptom I had at the start before diagnosis. It may well be as bad as it gets for you as the beast affects us all differently.

It certainly wasn’t the end for me as I managed to squeeze in a 22 year career as a primary school teacher.

Best wishes, Steve

Yes, restless & painful legs from hip to ankle is always worse for me when I get into bed. An anti inflammatory gel can be prescribed by your GP. It helps me, a lot, but I also take morphine based meds twice a day.

Before my PPMS diagnosis, I hadn’t a clue what caused this sciatica type pain. Like raging toothache down my right leg. I learned from physio that the sacral joint, hip/thigh area, was getting inflamed and put pressure on my sciatic nerve, resulting in chronic nerve pain. I control the pain with morphine based painkillers, taking the same dose 40 years later.

7 years ago it was confirmed I have PPMS, but no-one even thought ME until decades later. t

It will be worth trying the anti inflammatory gel, available on prescription or over the counter.

Best wishes, Chrissie x