Does exertion make you feel worse?

Hiya As I mentioned in a previous post am exploring my health atm and have always been super active with stressful full-time jobs. Then when diagnosed with fibro bought a small shop which I ran full time but gave me a chance to pace more. I had it 7 years then after a couple of floods gave it up. I got a full time job and had an emotional breakdown. Never known anything like it even after the death of my son in 2007. Since I have got a super low stress job in a supermarket 20 hours a week, 4 x 5 hour shifts. I am really struggling, in so much pain, bruised all over due to bumping into everything and brain fog and memory is dire. Legs and hands ‘crawling’ and having bladder probs. Really just asking if after exertion do you really struggle? I worked 3 - 8 yesterday same today and am having to just rest up to stand a chance of making the shift today. Tramadol is hardly touching the pain. I can’t get my head around just doing 20 hours and struggling so badly. Am a yoga teacher so reasonably fit ish! My health has taken such a progressive downturn in the last two years. Want to try and organise my thoughts for when I see GP after lockdown. Been keeping my diary Stay safe lovelies and thanks for any replies in advance xx

Hi Pixie, oh yes! Exertion plays a massive part in MS…it`s probably the one symptom that everyone has a story to tell.

It was one of my first symptoms, along with foot drop.

Physio told me I`d never get my stamina back…she was right.

Now, 22 years on and I am retired…did that at 47/48.

I sleep from around 9 - 12 hours a night. I love to go out in the day but after 2/3 hours, I come home exhausted and go all limp!

I`ve read how debilitating fibro is…so you are doing well to work at all.

I am so sorry too hear you lost your son…thats the worst thing a parent goes through Im sure.

Yeh, speak to GP…what about a telephone appointment now instead of waiting?

Keep safe sweet