Anyone relate to this?

I try to do some exercising each day - a few minutes on the exercise bike and about 10 minutes stretching.

Feel o.k for a bit and then feel very unwell. End up either laying on the settee or in bed.

On the one hand I feel not exercising will result in my seizing up – on the other hand there’s no point in keeping legs going if I feel too ill to use legs!

It’s as if the price of keeping relatively mobile is an overwhelming feeling of unwellness. Any advice appreciated.

Have you tried having a break from exercise for a few days? or maybe just stretching instead of the bike. it maybe your blood sugars are low so could try eating or drinking just before or just after even just a biscuit or chunk of chocolate.

how long do you feel unwell? have you exercised for a while and only just started to feel unwell after? like you said, its good to keep as mobile as you can, but its something to sort out first.

take care and let us know how you get on

Hi, I guess you’re overdoing it. Maybe your BP gets high…so just do it less and rest after is a good idea anyway.


  • OP here - thanks for the replies.

tbh I’m barely doing any exercises - can’t understand why a bit of stretching/exercise-biking results in feeling so unwell –

the joys of m.s. !

I’m exactly the same I do around 15 mins on an exercise bike, get off and my legs are like lead weights, I feel a bit dizzy and sometime a bit nausea.


Heat can make us feel worse, so it might be that your time on the bike is overheating you a bit.


your post is a relief to me.

several months ago i bought myself a cheap fit bit watch determined to walk more as we are told to do so. helps with ms and BP etc.

i was doing so well. then one night BLAM, i felt awful couldnt stand needed a pee had to riing my daughter who came and called ambulance next thing i know i was in hospital suspected stroke. anyway long story short 3 days later told it was MS stop pushing myself. it freaked me out so much believe me.

then i have been trying hard to do a bit more in the morning i get up at 7am and tidy and do things. i sit down at 8.30 for breakfast by 9.30 i feel awful weird out of sorts like strange. got myself into a state was it diabetes as my mum had it. by 10 if i had my chocolate rice cake and coffee i felt better.

anyway i have had a ton of tests and now know i am not diabetic. my doctor is convinced i am pushing myself too much and to stop worrying about tidying and rest more. jeez if i rest more i will be doing little.

BUT what you explain is how i feel.

all my bloods come back i am healthy.

just need to now accept my PPMS is in progressive mode and rest. bummer.

I feel just the same when i try to do any exercise i have done for years.I still try to do bits but each time i do after about 5 minutes i feel so exhausted and sick.I think it is something to do with our core temperature rising,as heat and MS are not good.

OP here -

I do so little I don’t break sweat - I’m o.k. when I finish my little exercising it’s the following day I feel mega-crap.

On the days I don’t exercsie I’m o.k. the following day.

I worry about my legs atrophying, but I really believe that my hectic work schedule for many years led to my most recent (and major) relapse. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve learned to stop doing what “they” think I should do and just follow my body. When I’m too active in any way, the pain and stiffness set in by bedtime and I wind up barely able to get out of bed for the next few days.

Have you read “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino? She’s a woman with Lupus who was trying to explain to a friend how she only has a limited amount of energy and has to pick and choose what she does each day. I’ve learned that I can’t take a shower the same day I do laundry unless I spend the afternoon in bed. I can either sweep the floor or wash dishes, not do both in one day. If I have to go shopping, then I can’t stand at the stove and cook.

I’ve learned over the last 18 months to monitor how I react to each of my normal activities, and then I make trades based on what really needs to be done that day. If I have a day when I wake up dragging, I just go with that and do a lot of resting. If I’m feeling good, I do the things that require more strength and stamina but still make a point of stopping before I get tired. It’s made an enormous difference.

Hi Noras mum, sounds like you’ve got the balance just right. My daughter has lupus and measures her energy by spoons too.


I have a dog and usually take her two walks a day. Each walk is usually a mile but I am finding it harder to walk that far especially in the mornings. I have just come back and I am in agony and feel completely knackered!