Does anyone else get this?

Hi guys. Im undiagnosed. Been a long time getting fobbed off by drs etc but im currently waiting to see neuro again. Anyway i get these episodes that happen quite frequently where i get a sudden spasm usually just on my right side. Its mainly my arm and shoulder that just all contracts and i have to ride it out. Sometimes my legs can just feel like they’re made of stone and then my side spasms quite violently which often prompts me to kind of slump to the floor and ride it out. Ive previously had non epileptic seizures but these feel completely different as im fully aware and “here” instead of dissociating like i have with the non epileptic episodes. These spasms have also happened outside my home and not when ive felt anxious or stressed whereas any panic attacks or non epileptic things have more or less been in my home exclusively.

Normal MS (if that is not a contradiction) symptoms follow one of two forms:
an increase of symptoms lasting at least 24 hours not associated with an infection that slowly resolves over a period of weeks or months with possibly residual symptoms;
a gradual decline that does not abate.
This is obviously a simplification. Try and go to the Neurologist with an open mind as MS is not the only disease out there.
Each person with MS has their own set of symptoms and experience. Just because you can find people with MS who can relate to your symptoms doesn’t give you a diagnosis!

I wouldnt think it would give me a diagnosis if someone had the same things happening. Ive been dealing with things on and off for years now without a diagnosis. Im merely asking if anyone has experienced these spasms with MS to help me process whether they are a physical thing or could be related to psychological issues. I dont know what kind of idiot you take me for to think i would diagnose myself from a forum without receiving a proper diagnosis but thanks for the patronising reply :+1:

This is the MS Forum organised by the UK MS Society for people with MS or suspected MS.
If you know you do not have MS I am not sure why you are posting here.

So theres a section of the forum that states its for people who have symptoms but no diagnosis but im not allowed to post. Why be like this to someone whos just looking for advice or clarity on something. Why come onto someones post and talk down to them and belittle them when they are going through something horrible? I think youre the one who shouldnt be posting here if thats how you treat people.

Hi Ben

It could be associated with what was causing your non-epileptic seizures and dissociation. But good to hear that you have an appointment with a neurologist, and hopefully they will have some answers for you.

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