Do you take medication?

I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Exhaustion is horrific, balance and dizziness episodes every single day and now I’m getting drop foot. I need to make an appointment with my consultant but honestly don’t see the point. He seems to take no notice and all he seems to say is thats just a symptom not a flare up and he won’t even consider medication until I have had more than 2 flare ups in a year. At last my appointment he actually stopped me talking to answer a call from his dentist. Just feel fed up and disregarded

No wonder you’re feeling disheartened. I’m afraid there’s nothing for it but to keep steadily
and persistently pressing your case. I am sorry that it is such an uphill struggle. As if we don’t have enough to put up with!

Find out if there is an MS Centre near you that offers Oxygen Therapy - My Neurologist suggested it for me several years ago and it makes a huge difference to the level of fatigue that I get; I still have a monster of a fatigue session once in a while, but nowhere near as frequently bad as it used to be.

Make sure your levels of B12 and Vitamin D are good - your GP should be able to run simple blood tests to check this. Supplemental D3 is always a good idea with neurological conditions as we appear to get through it faster than non-PwMS.

Also, ask for a referral to your nearest Ear Nose & Throat specialists to check there is nothing physically going on with your vestibular systems (your middle and inner ear that affect balance). The tests they do are very simple and are important to prove a neurological rather than physical cause - it helps build up your case/argument for getting treatment.

I think a note to your local PALS would be in order - taking a ‘personal’ call during your appointment is not on - I have had my Neurologist take a call from another Neuro to clarify something, for which she apologised profusely, but certainly no personal calls. Are you able to switch Neurologists?