Do you see this?

Came across this image on the Internet which is very similar to what I am currently experiencing when looking at text with my left eye, which I am trying to get to the bottom of. Anybody experienced something similar?

Oh well forget that, it wouldnt let me post the image

Hi Bob,

Does it let you post a link to the page, instead of the actual picture?

Or is that what you already tried, that didn’t work?

I just spent ages creating an elaborate simulation of how text appears to me sometimes, using the coloured fonts.

But lost it all when the stupid board crashed.

As it was too fiddly to do the first time, I haven’t the patience to try again. In particular, if I’d made the text bigger (to be able to edit it more easily), I couldn’t work out how to put it back to normal again.

And I’ve worked on publishing systems for years!

Hi Anita

Yes I couldnt remember how to link to a particular location on a page (as it is a long page to scroll before you get the image) but since remembered, so here is the link to the image

Also thinking vaguely like the image illustrating the cover of Oliver Sack’s new book: The Mind’s Eye

Know how exasperating it is to lose something you have worked on for ages. Nothing is more guaranteed to unleash a torrent of expletives.





Thank you, I managed to navigate to the site and see it now (even though it still won’t work by clicking the link).

I suppose I do get something slightly similar, but imagine that everywhere it’s blurry, I get a colour distortion instead (this is what I was trying to illustrate when the forum crashed on me).

It looks like some letters are green or red.

The strange thing is, I’ve never been diagnosed with optic neuritis, and my VEPs were normal. Although I suppose that’s more than a year ago now, so who knows what’s happened in the meantime. :frowning:


Hi Bob

I’ve got something similar too, and like Tina I get colour distortion, especially when reading text, either on here, tv, or books/papers etc, but mine is more subtle changes from black/grey print to blues/purples/greens! Gets worse when I’m tired or have been looking at the screen for a while. Its primarily my right eye, but a little in the left. I’ve been diagnosed with optic neuritis, first attack way back in April, another early September and waiting now for MRI later this month.

Its a bloomin’ nuisance though, it drives me crazy, this constant vision-interuptus!

My cooking is becoming a lot more interesting as I frequently mis-read the recipes

Hope you get some answers soon

Havent noticed any colour effects as such, just black and white being smeared into grey. But were you drunk though? - Just joking.

Ha! I wish! My Kieth Floyd days are well and truly over, believe me!

I see colours which confuse the edges of text, the bits in that image are accurate but instead of it being black and white I also see very subtle blotches of colour.

When people ask about it I describe it as looking at a very bright light then turning away. You still see the effect, the colours are not clear what they are and they seem to move a bit with the retina. They are transparent though I can see through them identifying larger objects like furniture, people and such but text seems to become blurry in places (like that image)

The distortion varies, right now its barely noticeable, I’m about to hobble downstairs and do the dishes and I know that much effort will make it worse. It definitely seems related to stress in any form.

I run my browser at 125% zoom and when it gets really bad I bump it up to 150%-200% For those that don’t know, holding down CTRL and scrolling the mouse wheel in an active browser should enlarge the page as big as you want.

Went for checkup at optician’s to try to clarify what this was. He just gave a standard examination which didnt involve checking the eyes seperately for near vision or investigating the character of the bluriness I was complaining of in the left eye; right at the end he showed me some paragraphs of text with adjusted optics on my nose and when I could read them using both eyes together (no problem with my right eye anyway) he assumed there was nothing much wrong and implied that I had over-stated my difficulty. I had a heated discussion with him over the phone the next day and it was only when I explained that I wasnt seeing a uniform level of text blur, but that parts of the text seemed to have faded or greyed out and the white space between lines had grey smudges, that he changed his tune and agreed it needed further investigation.

Know what you mean judb about night driving. It positively scares me now, especially on a fast road with masses of oncoming lights and poor road markings. I sometimes feel like I lose track of whether I am following the course of the road. Also find that I now drive slower than other road users at night in poor lighting, much to their consternation and ending up with a queue behind me but I feel that going any faster is like belting into the blackness on a hope and a prayer.

I’m really bothered by the way people in this thread admit to being scared of driving in the dark.

STOP driving, it’s not just your life you are risking if you can’t see properly.

I gave up two months ago, more because I couldn’t transfer my foot from accelerator to brake reliably anymore and it was crushing to have to sell my car which I had owned for 13 years of my life knowing I would never drive again, truth is though, too many people keep driving when its not safe to do so, don’t pretend you can manage, do something about it before it’s too late.

I can’t see the pic as I can’t get it to load.

Do you mean you have gaps in your vision if you read text with one eye? Are these like grey blurry splodges covering the text. I have scotomas and this does sound like them.

Did the optician actually look into the back of your eyes? Have you had a visual field test done? Some opticians can do this test and it’s a good test to show gaps in vision.



Yes looking at your message now, there are like feint grey blurry splodges or clouds scattered across out of focus text as if the text has been smudged by dirty fingers or partially washed out by water (not wearing reading glasses, just long distance contacts, but other eye can see it reasonably clearly and all of it with uniform density or colour tone). Dont think he looked into my eyes but am having them retested at another opticans. What has caused your eye problem Jacqui?

You are absolutely right FrostPaw. I have stopped driving on dark country roads where I would have particular difficulty and fortunately my wife is able to takeover.

I cant get it to work either, must have done it wrong, but if you highlight the blue text and copy it into the browser URL address bar, that works.