Annoying Colors Optic Neuritis

Hey guys,

I am new here, I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis on January 12, 2014 both eyes at the same time. I have already had all the IV steroids and I am weening off the Prednisone now. But I am very very annoyed with bright colors and even looking at a screen is very annoyingly bright or something can’t explain… But have any of you had this, and please say it goes away!!! I can’t stand it, all the lights on cars when driving just are too annoying of a color to look at, and watching tv is hard because it’s bright or something. I am not diagnosed with MS, I have no leisons on my brain from the MRI and I am 20 Thanks.


I had optic neuritis in my left eye in Oct/Nov last year and was diagnosed with MS start of Dec. Mine last for just over two weeks - I suffered mainly with blurred vision and also pain when I moved my eye. That has gone but has left me sensitive to bright light. Im the same with car lights in the evening and have had to turn the brightness down on my kindle etc. Its not so easy with the TV I guess.

Its should improve for you though as mine is no where near as bad now as it was. I find the white/blue car lights the worse and just wince when faced with them. Be careful - if it means trying to avoid driving in the car at night? If it carries on for much longer, get it checked out.

Best of luck - Lorna x

hi there DakotaElder

I have just been to the optician because I cant focus or my eyes dont adjust to light either. I cant see properly when this happens or what I do see is in the wrong colour, I almost screamed at someone last week when they turned around to speak to me because they were whiter than white then my eyes readjust and it returns to normal. I was told there was no sign of optic nueritis but perhaps I was suffering from retinal migraines, but urged to see neuro about it. No idea if this goes away permanently, mines seems to come and go.

Karen xx

Hi Dakota

i had ON 1yr ago yesterday from pain for 4 days to total loss on the 5th day now 1yr 1day on i can see shapes

and letters to the 3rd line down i did have flashing electric blue & red dots for a while when sight was zero ,

colour is still off but only slightly my doc was rubbish as she diagnosed conjunctivitis , my message to you is stay

upbeat as things take a while to settle down for some folks , i do have leisions on my brain so maybe that’s

why its taking so long nor did i have steroids as my doc missed the chance im left with double vision & a DX

of MS but still ride my harley looking like a pirate :slight_smile: we are all unique & here you will find some awesome

people be positive my friend & all the best sheep

Hi Dakota, i was Dx with ON last week, had a brain scan there and then still waiting the results and see Neuro on 12th Feb, i still cant see well in the left eye but pain has dropped, colour is week and bright lights hurt, so i know how you feel i think, the problem with MS is that no 2 people suffer the same symptoms or they they may have some of the same, hope you get sorted soon, just keep pushing your GP. You will always find the guys on here friendly and helpful. Take Care