Do you live in Cardiff? Need to pick your brains ........

Finally, it looks like we should be moving in the forseeable future (depending on my buyer pulling his finger out )

We will be moving to Cardiff (well Penarth so Vale of Glamorgan strictly) and I am sooooooooo excited.

However, I need to pick the brains of a local about some MS issues so I can hit the ground running when we arrive (or at least, not hit the ground face first like I usually do!)

I know that the Heath has quite a good reputation for its Neuro dept but I need to find out a couple of things. I don’t think that the things that I want to know would be acceptable on the general forum (nothing exciting but I may need to know a few names of professionals in the area).

So, could any willing locals who are prepared to help an incomer send me a PM?

Regards (from a very excited)Boblatina