Do I have ms?

I’m just wondering whether I have ms, i have had pains and stiffness and a few muscle spasms the last few days, but have also have a virus At the same time, I do not know whether it is just the virus or ms. Apart from that I have had on and off dizziness for about 2 years, which I get for a few weeks a year about 4 times a year. Also I have had the left side of my face go paralysed for a week 2 years ago, but it was put down to a virus, I then had an MRI for that and no signs of ms came up, I have recently had another MRI I am awaiting the results do you think that it is likely I have ms? I also have one pupil which is larger than the other but must mention that I get very stressed and anxious and am wondering whether it is anxiety? I am 18 also :(, sorry for troubling anyone if they don’t think it is ms

Not troubling anyone, It could be absoultely anything, Are you seeing a nurologist? what have they said? So many people have so many different effects and everyones different in symptoms, Ive been in limbo land for 8 months, just because nothings on your MRI doesnt mean you dont have MS but again their are more tests for them to do to rule it out completely.

Good luck and I hope you find your answers.

No I’m seeing an ent specialist as I considered the dizziness connected to my ears but he said the dizziness I was describing wasn’t typical of an inner ear disorder and that’s why he ordered a new MRI. I don’t know whether it’s just severe anxiety though as I know those symptoms can mimic ms, but when I was having my MRI I was spamming so she had to redo one of the scans.

Spasming - stupid autocorrect

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: As Tom said, it really could be anything: there are literally hundreds of potential causes of neurological symptoms, some of which are relatively easy to treat like vitamin deficiencies. Viruses can also temporarily affect the nervous system too. Best thing is to wait for the MRI results and take if from there. It wouldn’t hurt to get a thorough battery of blood tests done too - you never know, it might all be fixed with a simple supplement! Karen c

Grr re typos! My laptop died so I’m stuck with my phone and autocorrect!

I had a blood test not so long ago and I was fine for everything. I will wait for the results and take it from there, just annoying that my consultation was due to be on Monday and consultant has cancelled and rearranged in 2 weeks time.

Thank you for your replies