Do I call my neurologist?

I’ve had my neurology appointment cancelled and moved back to Aug but I’m debating to ring and see if I can be seen. Some of these symptoms I’ve had for a while some are new but I feel things have got worse. Medically I can say I have a benign pineal cyst 12mm at the back of my brain and 2 mild bulged disks L4/5 L5/s1 and a annular bulge in lower thoracic region with benign marrow signal and some discs have mild height loss and disc hydration . I also have forminal stenosis on my Emg it showed a mild degree of peripheral nerve hyper-excitability with occasional fasciculation in calf muscles . Are any of these symptoms worrying to warrant me seeing my consultant earlier??

.Tingling feeling mainly in bottom part of legs

.Get pins and needles very easily

.Feels like Sciatic pain mainly right leg on and off

.feel very woozy/ light headed more when sat down at work

.Ringing in ears

.Eye twitch in right eye (several times a day for 1year straight)

.Eye twitch in left eye (every day for a month so far this is new)

.random twitches ALL over body which can last seconds - hours

.Stiffness in my lower back sore middle back

.Trip over my feet sometimes

.lose grip sometimes

.headaches that last days

.Knees and ankles get a wet/cold feeling

.stabbing pain in my thigh/groin makes my whole leg jump up or just constant pain( think sciatica)

.Cramping in toes

Prickling feeling in patches everywhere on and off very recently like back of neck/side of face/elbows/knees even my private area and lasts a few seconds at a time.

I have many of the above - and not planning to see anyone. I wouldn’t bother.

Bed rest is the best thing - magazines, laptop, films, chocolates, ice cream.