No diagnosis- neurologist was unhelpful

Hi everyone. I’ve not yet got a diagnosis but hoping to get some advice. I’ve had pins and needles along with numbness since 2015; Usually in my legs but also in my arms. I get a sensation as if creatures are crawling on my legs and arms. I have burning pain in my left foot that spreads up into my knee when I crouch/kneel. I get blurred vision along with black spots and flashes of colour. I get stabbing pains in my eyebrow area and pressure type headaches. I get sciatica type nerve pain in my buttocks and right leg. I suffer with RLS, iron deficiency anemia, low folate, low vitamin D and now may have fibromyalgia. I’ve been experiencing internal tremors in my chest, arms and head. I get vertigo which makes me go off balance. I have jolting movements all over but mostly in my arms. I get a weird cold water sensation in my left foot and down my spine. Oh and my memory has been awful! I forget everything, my speech gets slurred and often words don’t come out just a bunch of noises or I can’t think of the word I want to say. In September last year I ended up having an emergency mri of my spine due to being in agony with nerve pain. The results were normal no sign of a slipped disc etc. I saw a spine specialist after this who referred me to a neurologist as he was concerned there was more to my symptoms. I saw the neurologist today who said based on my examination there was nothing sinister going on and certainly not MS. I requested further tests as I’m not sure a 25year old should be having memory problems like this as well as odd chronic symptoms. He’s agreed to send me for an mri of the brain. I don’t want a diagnosis as such but am I right to request investigations? Can a neurologist be sure everything is fine purely based on an examination? Thanks for reading, I appreciate any response!

hi amy

you are right to request investigations.

an mri of the brain will give more information to the doctors and will put your mind at rest.

you are aware that it could be one of any number of things causing it all.

hopefully it won’t be ms but if it is, you are prepared for it.

good luck

carole x

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen 2 specialists who both prompted to my dr that I get ms ruled out. I never had ms in my mind before that, even though my Nan had ms.

Im sure there is something neurological going on but the neurologist is adamant that a diagnosis isn’t important. I’ve been trying to manage my symptoms but I’d like to know what’s wrong as it isn’t normal.

im hopeful that because the spine mri was fine that it means the brain mri will be as well. But I want any tests I can have to rule out anything sinister.

I guess I’m just frustrated with these symptoms now!

would I have any problems with liver function/full blood count etc if ms was possible?

Hi Amy hope you can get your brain mri done soon and get some answers. Are your symptoms constant or on and off? Take care

Hi Abby, the tingling, numbness, blurry vision, memory/speech issues and nerve pain are constant but the other symptoms are when I have ‘flare ups’ I have fatigue every day but when I flare up it’s almost impossible to stay awake. The internal tremors, vertigo/balance, flashing lights only happen when I flare. I had a flare up on September that lasted 2 weeks and I’ve just got over a flare in February that lasted 3 weeks.