so I’ve had the dreaded letter that they are moving me to PIP and I have to reapply for it.

Just doing the forms now. Anyone got any advice on things to put? I am unable to walk more than 20m (edss 6.5) and have a recent report confirming this. I just don’t have anything regarding my difficulties at home. Like not being able to cook a meal due to tremors strength balance and poor mobility. Any advice welcomed


Hi I can highly recommend going on the Benefits and Work website. For £20 a year you can get all the advice you need. Help with filling in forms etc. Good luck Anne

That is exactly what you write then! How you are affected regarding eberything, showering,washing hair,eating,drinking,toileting,do be aware that even pulling trousers up after using the loo is regarded as dressing! Join benefits and work,worth the subscription, there are forums where experts answer and you can search.

Thanks. I shall do that