DLA Question

ON Christmas Eve I received a letter from the WPA to say I had been refused DLA.

The reasons given where in direct contridiction to what I had written on the form! I have spoken to them on the phone and they will review my application, I have pointed out exactly what is a contradiction.

I just wondered if anyone had been successful at this stage or is it a delaying tactick before going to appeal.

Incidentally when I filled in the questionaire on the Benefits and work website for ESA I fell into the support group, so surely I would be entitled to the lowest rate of DLA if not more?

Unfortunatley I am not entitled to claim for any other sort of Benefit and have never claimed any.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated


Hi there Twist,

I was rejected for DLA too, and the reasons given were also in direct contridiction to the form, plus I had an atos assessment and the doc for that must have been writing about someone else, as it was nothing at all like me!!

Like you I phoned DWP and asked them to review and my GP backed that up with an 11 page report and the day after he sent that report to them they wrote to me rejecting it again! and I am now going to appeal, just waiting for a date



Sadly many people get turned down for DLA on a first application. So many, that one might be tempted to say that it is a policy.

Some people are successful with an application review but all that happens here is that they look at the form again and check that the initial decision was “correct” – they will not take into account additional evidence. Far more people are successful at appeal where you have an opportunity to point out why their decision was wrong and to challenge the basis upon which it was made.

As you used benefits and work for your ESA application you will be familiar with the site and the guides they have for appeals.

Good Luck


I’m in the same situation. Application rejected and when I asked them to look again they haven’t changed their decision (got letter on Christmas Eve too)!! Now going to appeal but not hopeful. I wonder how those looking at the applications would cope living with this condition?! Good luck

i was awarded higher rate mobility on my first try but i did get help from the CAB filling in the form and also enclosed a letter from my ms nurse and physio in support of my application

hope your successful on appeal


Many thanks for all your input, I did have CAB help me fill in the forms. I sure my Dr will have been supportive but when I asked the surgery for a copy they didn’t seem to have it on the computer system! So DLA people are sending me a copy.

So we will see what happens next.


I was turned down the first time i applied for DLA. I appealed and also got turned down so was heading for a tribunal. I was awaiting my time and got a letter from my MS nurse in support of my application. I forwarded them a copy of it and within a week i got a letter back to say they had awarded me higher rate mobility and low rate care for 12 months (from my application date so i would have to reapply in another 6 months!!)

I reapplied october 2012 and pretty much copied what i had wrote in my first application. I changed a few bits and added a little here and there. I also sent a letter from my MS nurse that was in support of me applying for ESA so not entirely applicable. I got a letter back within 3 weeks saying i had been awarded higher rate mobility and nigher rate care indefinately. I was gobsmacked as i was expecting the same struggle. It would seem they make it hard initially but once in the system, if you show consistency they will believe what you write.

If you have used the Benefits and Work site, pay to get full access as it is well worth the money. The guides are so helpful. Ask your MS nurse to write a letter that you can add to your appeal.