DLA benefits & appeal


Am new to this so I hope I am doing this correctly!

I am a 30 year old female…diagnosed 7 years ago. I have relapsing remmitting MS which by a recent GP / DLA assessment means I am generally well! I, however disagree. I am currently on no treatment through my own choice. I tried beteferon 6 years ago for 5 months but was constantly ill and this prooved tricky with a full time, stressfull job. After an MRI last week (first being 7 years ago) and the amount of relapses I have had in the past two years, mostly involving my left side and eyes - my Neuro Consultant is meeting with me to discuss the options. I always have the usual niggly feelings and stiffness etc.

I stopped working 6 years ago due to my illness and wanting to start a family whilst I was still young enough and well enough to do so. I have not felt too good at all for the past 9 weeks. I dont think it has improved much due to the stress the DLA are currently putting me under! ! Three years ago after a long fight I was granted higher rate and I chose the car! Now after my renewal application failed, they have taken it off me and will be collecting my car on 21st of August. I am going to appeal with an independant panel but I am still waiting for the forms! I was granted the lower rate care componment indefinately 4 years ago. This time last year due to a massive relapse, I fell and broke my ankle. It hasnt healed properly at all and this is probably a mixture of my age and the fact I cnt always walk properly! I rely heavily on my car. With two young children (my responsibility I know) and a husband who works in London, it has helped me out hugely! Especially at being able to insure someone else for free by making a quick phonecall to enable a freind/family member to drive us around with enough space to hold my children and any others if it was a friend with children helping me out. This enables us to lead a relatively normal life and still having the option to leave the house! We do not get any help from the government at all. We have a mortgage and do everything right. I cant help feeling that surely this is something I am entitled to?!

I am sorry for waffling on.

I would really appreciate and help / advice!


It makes me so angry. I wish I could give you advice but I really don’t know. I don’t get anything, I had my ATOS assessment and because I could do the things he asked IN PAIN he just said I could do it all so I don’t get anything.

Thank you for replying so quick!

You should get something!! I cannot believe they do this to people! You can appeal? I am so angry too! My nurse has been great and I am currently giving my answers to each of their bullett points as to why I a entitled as I know they are wrong! They too send an ATOS GP out who spent 30 minutes in my house and then took it all away!

I too did the things asked of me in considerble pain and because I was stupid and thought thats what he wanted me to do! My nurse has since told me in the appeal meeting I should politely refuse as it would cause too much pain / discomfort!

I am eagerly awaiting this appointment so they can see for themselves how bad I am! :frowning:

Sorry I cant help, but ATOS told me I was fully fit for work,my company are retiring me as they cant make any more adjustments,I go to the day hospital once a week for balance and memory rehab, it shows that saving money is their only focus.

All I can suggest is keep phoning for the forms and appeal everything,with as much backup stuff from your nurse etc as possible.

How can a degenerative disease suddenly not meet crieria any more…I give up with it all but you mustnt for the kids sake if nothing else.

Do they have to leave you with the car while you appeal? If the kids stop going to school because you cant get them there what would they do then???


The car ran out officially at the end of June this year. The original application was sent in february and has taken them ages to process as per usual. So actually motorbility have been very helpful in letting me have the car for an extra month or so. I am very worried about school starting back! Even though it is a five minute walk and the next street to where i live… I nearly always drive them there :frowning: I will be heavily relying on the other parents… As long as I can be there for the first day!

It really sickens me! ATOS are unbelievable! Te fact youve had to retire should be enough! I hope you get somewhere!

My husbans said at the time… he is completely unsure as to why I am being put through this 3 years on when in fact I am 10 times worse off now! I wish these people were more knowledgeable on certain illnesses!


Hi Try these links for info Hope they help there are links for further resources in the enclosed links Good luck

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