DLA application, 10 weeks and still waiting

I applied for DLA on 29th May and I’m still waiting for a decision. I’ve had a letter sometime ago to say they were waiting for a report from my GP and then another about 2 weeks ago to say ‘sorry for the delay’.

I’m guessing because it was only about 10 days before the end of DLA they probably have been overwhelmed with applications. It would be nice to know, one way or the other though. I went shopping today but after about 5 minutes my leg starting to spasm and get more stiff and painful. Things are certainly getting more difficult. Absolutely tired out now.

Off on my hols to Lake Garda next week to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I was hoping I would here by then but it’s looking unlikely!

Lynne xxx

I found out on Friday that they can’t find my application which I posted back to them 2 weeks ago.

Informed dvla of my diagnosis, finally hear from them 9 months later giving me an appointment for a driving test at the local test centre. I received straight As on the test but license only issued for 3 years.

I think they say allow 11 wks



Mine too 11 weeks. A real pain waiting.

Hope you get news soon and good news at that!!

Have alovely holiday.

Shazzie xx

Hi, I posted mine off at the beginning of July and got a response within a week saying they were contacting my consultant for s report. I assumed I’d have weeks to wait but I got the letter with their decision on Saturday morning.

Hope you hear something soon. It might be worth a quick phone call just to chase it up.

Have a great time on holiday and happy wedding anniversary.

Ann Marie xxxx

hiya i applied for the new pip on 8th of april, i had an interview on the 16th of may with a physio and they still have’nt made decision. fed up with being told its with a decision maker, take care. pauline x