DLA Appeal Process


I received my DLA letter today…and I’ve been turned down on mobility and care. It says that ‘although my walking is limited, you are not unable or virtually unable to walk…This means you are not entitled to higher rate mobility.’ It also says ‘although you prefer someone with you, you don’t need them to guide or supervise you when walking outside in places you don’t know well.’

It also says that I have difficulty but I don’t need help to prepare and cook a meal…and goes on and on about how I don’t need help for this and don’t need help for that.

This is totally wrong and I want to appeal…it’s just like they have not even read my application form.

I was just wondering if anyone has appealed and won…was it a hard slog and how on earth do I go about it?,

Any help would be appreciated.



h wendy,

i have just finished readingyou post,an feel real sad ,i am still waiting,but i can envisage i will have the same,i am sure we will get alot of support here for appeals,and how to get advice,i did come accross a site i will come back to you with it,i have had emails and loads of tips from them on how to fill in,to how to appeal.

we are amonst many here and elsewhere that will be turned down,and will need help and support to appeal,i wouldn’t not try,chin up and ,and come back for loads of support,thinking of you

love boz xxx

Hi Please find enclosed links that offer advice and may help I hope that this helps and there are further links in the links

I’ve been through the appeal process for my husband as he has cervical spine degeneration & arthritis in his lumbar spine amongst many other things, we had to appeal, DWP initially looked at it again but because we couldn’t give concrete evidence there and then to support the claim it had to go to a tribunal where we had to go in front of a panel of 3 people. When you do go to appeal they will only base the case on what you were like at the time of claiming, if things have changed and got worse they will not take that into account & you will then have to re-apply.

I’ve recently put in a claim for myself as I’m having quite a lot of difficulty with my walking & general day to day activities, received a letter today acknowledging receipt and said I should hear a reply within 8weeks but i’m not hopeful, I think I will have to fight this one as well :frowning:

Good luck & don’t give up !!

I recommend joining the benefitsandwork website. It costs about £20 for the first year, but is worth every penny.

Please do appeal - and good luck!

Karen x