DLA and Consultant Reports

Hi all,

Sent my forms off for DLA on April 30th and got a letter today saying the decision is taking longer as they are requesting a report from my consultant… not a surprise I expected they would request one and to be honest wasnt expecting any correspondance about anything this soon… but… what is this ‘medical report’ they are going to receive?

Is it just facts / letter relating to my symptoms and how they affect me etc… or is there a usual format that consultants follow for these things…?

Cause obviously my neuro knows my syptoms… but he wouldn’t KNOW how they affect me… though Im sure with his experience he could hazard a guess!

Surely if Im bad enough for him to want to urgently start Tysabri, he must recognise that Im very ‘affected’ by it all… right…?

Not so much worried… more curious!

I had the same letter, but I’d already made sure in writing that my Neuro and my GP were up to date on not just my symptoms, but exactly how I was affected so they had the right information when they came to fill the form in.

Don’t expect them to know if you haven’t told them because they have many MS patients and we’re all different. Write to them, hopefully you’ve still got time.


I have just had my decision through regarding DLA (success!) I had several “sorry we’re still waiting don’t worry” letters from the DWP investigating the claim, they sent me a report when the decision was made telling me they based their decision on my application form and on the GP confirmation of my diagnosis.

I don’t know precisely what the GP said but it appears they didn’t bother asking my Neurologist, or he never replied. The GP would have likely responded with a standardised copy paste letter (remember this happens all the time so it is unlikely a personaly written response), confirming I have MS and then confirming all the possible symptoms of MS which would back up the things I said in my application.

I doubt the DWP is asking or looking for a personal assessment to your specific difficulties, that would be too open to abuse since it would make the decision more based on your GP/Neurologist rather than the people at the DWP.

Think of it this way, your form gives them a description of how hard it is for you and your difficulties, the doctors basicly just say “yes, this person has MS, these are symptoms of people with MS” Then the DWP makes the decision.

(DWP = Department of Work & Pensions, the people who decide on your claim for DLA)

Hi. I’m just about to start my DLA application (again) - wish me luck!!! I’ve had some good advice from my MS nurse and she’s given me a booklet to help guide me through it! Goodness knows, I need help. I’ve printed the darn thing off 3 times, got halfway through and realised that I missed things out. 55 pages each time! Do these people get pleasure from making things as difficult as possible? Hey Ho, that’s life I suppose!

My GP doesnt really know anything either, just what she recieves from neuro by post. But I put a note telling them to contact my Neuro consultant on the matter, as my GP is not up to date with my condition. :slight_smile:

Im just expecting a big fat no to be fair… guess we will see

Hi, my first DLA application took 14 weeks to come to a positive decision. I also received a letter saying they needed reports from my neuro. This was way back in 2000 and I had no dx, just a probable PPMS one.

I did ring to enquire if things were going along ok and was told that they occasionally pull one claim out, just to use as a test, to check on it`s handling etc. Yes, it was mine which got pulled…therefore delayed!

Hope you get a good result soon.

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Please seek assistance from an agency such as CAB. My first decision came back as ’ no’ to care and mobility. Months later, redecisions and a doctors visit, I was awarded lower rate care. I went to the CAB, requested a tribunal… a few days later I received a call from the DLA, not the agency it employs, answered a few questions and yipee, two days later was also awarded higher rate mobility. So have gone from no to everything, to yes to lower rate care, to yes to higher rate mobility, too. To me., it seems like a waste of tax payers ( I am one) money, that all these letter, appeals, visits, CAB appointments, have to take place for the correct outcome.

Hang on in there but pls, pls seek advice from professional agencies.

Good luck,


hey Clare, yeah I did my form with CAB. They think I should get high rate mobility and low rate care and are happy to help me appeal if I dont get it. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone had a letter about being taken off Incapacity and placed on ESA. Just had to go for medical assessment and as I stay abroad it was total balls up because the Bulgarian system doesn’t understand anything about this.