DLA a little bit of advice please...

Hi everyone,

Well today I decided to phone up and get a DLA form sent. I'm in the ESA Support group because I've got Ulcerative Colitis and strange MS type symptoms.

I was just wondering if people that have claimed DLA could maybe give me a little advice. I was wondering if you went to GP,Consultant, OT etc or phoned them to tell them you were applying.... also, did you get and send the medical reports yourself or did the GP etc give details to the DLA when they got in touch with them? Not sure whether or not to ask GP etc for a report, or just tell them that I'm applying and would they support me In my claim. Did any of you have to have a medical?. Any advice would be welcome.




Hi Wendy

I have applied-just got letter saying they had forms.
I sent copies of all my consultant reports as additional evidence. You have a section in the orm that your GP completes. If you have not seen them in a while, get reviewed and ask them to fill in their section of the form, currency is best.
I have not had a medical as yet, I’d I get one as I didn’t with ATOS, they took all reports.
Your GP will support your claim and fill out the statement



Your doctors will be asked to report on your symptoms; so yes it is very nimportant to tell them what is happening.

Just a few ideas of the way you should answer the questions.

While hobbling along the High Street I keep near to the shops. This aids me in two ways; I am less likely to fall into the road and I can stop and look in shop windows to get a rest. I can testify that Ann Summers has the best window display.

To get High Rate you must show you need help during the night. Say something like, “I get up 2/3/4 times per night to go to the toilet, sometimes to no avail.” “My husband has to accompany me; this takes about 45 minutes each time and obviously breaks his sleep.” “It’s amazing just knowing he is there gives me so much confidence.” “He has to accompany me because once I fell over and slept where I lay that night, good job it was the middle of summer and warm.”

Contact DIAL who will come around your house and help with the forms. Or Benefits and work who give excellent advice.

Simple rule ‘don’t say one word when 100 will do’ in other words explain in detail. Always quote your worst; they appreciate MS is a variable condition. Be very careful though as there are some mistakes you could make like do not say your housebound as that begs the question why do you need the mobility component? Say “I would like to go out more if I could afford to” The examples are that examples if they are not true don’t use them.

Good luck


Hi, all I sent was the DLA claim form (which my ms nurse helped fill in). The DLA people wrote to the neurologist and my gp and obviously had enough info to make their decision. My ms nurse said she never advised people to send lots of reports with their claim forms as the DLA people always (from her experience anyway) contacted the relevant people anyway. Everyone’s experience seems to be different.

Hth, Lilbill x

I would advise joining Benefits and Work (£20.00 p/a) They have excellent guides to filling in DLA forms.



Sorry George I didn't see that you had already suggest Benefits and work.

I have read your Ann Summers advice before so I skipped over it.



Thanks to all the replies......they were very helpful.



I sent just one letter from my consultant, and as I dont really see my GP for MS, it was diagnosed completely independently of her (she seemed to think my numb feet n legs all the way to my belly was varicous veins...?? At 28... with no veins in sight and gave me support stockings LOL) I also wrote a note asking them to write to my consultant as my GP was not very actively involved in my treatment.

Well, i recieved a letter stating they were waiting on a report from my consultant so couldnt make a decision yet...

...and then today recieved a letter stating they STILL couldnt make a decision as they were waiting for a report from my GP!

So yeah they will write to everyone pretty much regardless i think!