Hi, Today I have woken up feeling so dizzy like I’ve just stepped of the waltzers. I have work today and I’ve come in as there is no one to cover for me but I feel dizzy, drunk and hungover. My eyesight is blurry but like soft focus rather than double. Does anyone no of a quick fix? By the way, haven’t touched alcohol for ages, have a tenuous grip of reality now since ms and pregabalin. Normally ok with pregabalin ( apart from the weight gain and dry mouth as long as I don’t increase dose too quickly) any advise? would love to go home and back to bed. Lynn

Hi Lynn

If it persists for more than 24 hours contact your nurse as it may be a relapse. I hate the dizziness, luckily I have only had it a couple of times. Mostly with me it has only lasted a couple of minutes but the worst day was 12 hours and I was so dizzy I felt sick and could only lay down all day. If it hadn’t have cleared up on its own my nurse said she would have given me steroids to clear it up as it would be counted as a relapse.

I believe there are other drugs that are available as well which can clear the dizzy feeling if you are not keen on steroids. Hope you feel better soon and if you do not then go home and s*d work (why do we struggle on so much when others don’t?)


Hi Lynn, firstly I think you should tell your employer that you are ill and have to go home. If that is absolutely not possible, only do what you have to do and no more… and home to bed as soon as you can.

Secondly, never assume something is MS. Make an appointment with your GP and get it checked out.

Thirdly, with the blurry vision it does sound like it might be the MS causing it… sorry to say… and I don’t know a quick fix except rest.

I often find dizziness gets worse when I’m tired or stressed… but do get GP to check it out just in case something else causing it. Also you might have picked up a virus or bug which has sent your MS symptoms through the ceiling.

Hope this helps. I feel for you hon. I get it too and know how miserable it is and how scary it can be.

Pat x

Hi Lynn,

I agree with everything said above, but sometimes over the counter antihistamines can help with dizziness, short term, and may get you through the rest of the day? If you can get someone to pop out for you? or travel sickness tablets? They’ll ease the quesiness too till you can get home/to the docs.

Am currently suffering from prolonged virtigo/dizzy attack, not much stops it, but taking the edge off can help. My doc prescribed Stematil, its better than nothing.

Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you. Day nearly over then back to bed. And I was feeling so good yesterday. My sister has shingles, should I be avoiding her?

No hon you can’t catch shingles. It is the chicken pox virus that stays in the body and turns into shingles… usually at times of stress.

Pat x

Thanks and now to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow