Dizziness and had to focus

Dear All, been really struggling on and off with the ability to focus my eye sight and feeling spaced out and I guess would say dizzy. Had a scan a few weeks ago and waiting for results but again this week the symptoms are back. I am RRMS patient… who doesn’t really know is this a relapse or just inflammation symptoms from the heat of recent weeks. I have such bad fatigue and feel rather rough. Anyone else have similar symptoms?

A lot of us feel a bit dizzy when over-tired or too hot - I seem to spend half my life trying to cool down at the moment! Eat ice cream (a dreadful experience, I agree), drink gallons of chilled water, avoid hot baths for the time being (I even turned the temp on the shower down to lukewarm and have ten minute ‘mini-showers’ instead of long, hot ones!) - and yes, it’s completely normal, I’m afraid…investigate the cost of air-conditioners, and buy a fan…