hi all, ouhow long is the distance that PIP allow for you to be able to get it please? i have RR MS. ty in advance,

Anna x

sorry, should have put the heading a bit cleRER - it was meant to be - the distance required to have PIP. Ty guys tc anna x

There are different point for different distances.

Why not subcribe to cost £19.95 for one year and give lot’s of great advice.

Someone else probably knows the answer but I’m not sure


I think the distance you can cover was reduced to 20 metres (…it used to be 50 metres before ‘PIP’ started replacing DLA, and I believe you now need to be able to cover less than 20 metres to qualify for a ‘blue badge’ for a car !!

Not sure if this new limit is with or without walking aids …might be including aids?

I’m sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly