So it’s been 11 years since I got diagnosed with MS but I know I’ve had it longer anyhow previously wen I had a relapse I revived fully with the help of steroids but last year wen I had a relapse I never fully recovered the steroids did not work on me. So I applied to the PIP system but they never gave me the money so I put forward a mandatory settlement I sent further evidence of how I fall down and can’t walk as much anymore also wen I go to the supermarket shopping I’m unable to hold a trolley as it wears me out and I get really tired I’m in a desperate need of a blue badge. It’s taking really long the process. Just don’t know what else I can do ???

Hi there.

The PIP and Blue Badge applications are complicated things to get right.

It would be a good idea if you went to your local Citizens Advice Bureau and asked for help.

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The PIP for Mobility (physical grounds) is all about how far you can walk reliably, repeatedly and safely. This means if you can do it with a mobility aid like a crutch, walker or a stick, and don’t have a need for a long rest midway through or afterwards. And can do it again, ie repeatedly.

For the standard rate the distance is 50 metres and for the enhanced rate it’s 20 metres. Bear in mind that the average double decker bus is roughly 10 metres long, 20 metres is like 2 buses.

If you can manage to walk around a supermarket, even using a trolley as an aid, chances are you wouldn’t qualify.

For a blue badge the rules are a bit different, but have a look on your local councils website for how to qualify. Obviously if you get PIP for Mobility, then you’d automatically qualify, but you may qualify on other grounds.

But, as Anthony said, get some proper advice from the CAB.


Good advice from above and its funny but we have to put down how we are at our worse with MS - the whole thing with PIP is that if we tell them we get very tired at the supermarket they will deem you fit because you got to the supermarket - but on your worse day if you can’t leave the house that’s what to stick down but advice should keep you right. good luck


Renewal. well i had to renew mine so i gave them loads of notice. I have enhanced mobility so really should be easy right?

I put the application in for the 22 February. I got it finally yesterday.

I did it online. NEVER AGAIN.

I had an email to say they received my application and it would be dealt with so i knew they had it.

Tapping fingers weeks later as it was out of date for the 23rd april. I had an appointment at hospital so needed it. No chance.

I rang so many times, they didn’t get the PIP proof which i had scanned well a friend had and it was sent over on the online system. I said but you have the PIP number and i have given you proof of my PIP for enhanced twice now. NOT GOOD ENOUGH they wanted to see the word received it INDEFINITELY.

But i said it doesn’t say that anyway. I had to ring DWP and ask for a copy as i couldn’t find the one i sent i think my friend still had it. I swear i could hear him sigh and his eyes roll lol as yet again another person asked for a copy. so it took nearly 12 weeks to process what should have been a pretty easy thing.

Oh yeh and coming to pay for it the 10.00. Now before you could do it over the phone. Nope so that delayed it 2 more weeks as I had to send a cheque which probably got put in an IN tray lol.

so the moral of the story is if you need to update your BLUE BADGE get it in early lol.