Disability benefit - PIP - Get involved

There have been a number of posts on PIP, the replacement for DLA, starting in 2013.

Now is our time to get involved and give our thoughts.

Public consultation is open until 30 April 2012 so it is our chance to get involved. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Please look at

This will give you the proposals so far and a chance to score yourself on Care & Mobility components. There are case studies from pahe 15 & how to get involved on page 34.

We can hardly grumble unless we give out thoughts.

The idea that if you can push yourself in a wheelchair for 50 metres then you are excluded does NOT appear to be the case.

Hope you find this useful and a reasonable bit of info.

Take care


The idea that if you can push yourself in a wheelchair for 50 metres then you are excluded does NOT appear to be the case.

The way I read it, it says that if you can you will not score the necessary points for the high rate ie:-

Cannot move up to 50 metres without using a wheelchair propelled by another person or a motorised device.

Thanks for that Neil, it’s best to get informed before getting anxious and angry. And, like you highlighted, now is the opportunity to put our point of view/experience across - don’t how much effect it will have, but worth trying… Carriexx

Hi Chris

Thanks for taking time to read the document. I was referring to point 3.7.

3.7 For activity 11 (

Moving around), individuals who use aids and appliances to move very short distances can receive the standard rate, reflecting the extra costs incurred; while those who need wheelchair to do so will receive the enhanced rate, reflecting the additional extra costs, barriers and overall level of need which often accompany wheelchair use.

I can see you are referring to Case study 3. The comments & score refer to that individuals needs.

I hope I am correct & apologise if I am not.



Hi Neil, thanks for that, my walking is very poor and I get higher rate mobility, I haven’t paid too much attention so far to what s happening but yes I need to read up on this and get involved. Cheryl:)

Hi Neil

Have re read it and see what you mean, it’s a bit ambiguous but think you are correct.


I asked Dame Anne Begg via twitter and she said if you need a motorised device to cover 50 metres then you get the required 15 points for enhanced rate. 12 points are needed for the standard rate. I got 44 points on daily living and 25 on mobility either I’m f@cked I’d rather be ‘normal’ and have a job than qualify for DLA

Hi, I`ve read some of the info and scanned the rest. i am unable to read and take in huge amounts of info liuke this.

herefore I don`t feel able to answer or give my opinions fully.

What do you suggest, as I would like to support the i

me again…sorry, I mustve hit the post` thingy before I had finished typing my answer!

I would like to support the issue., would be the best way to do so?


luv Pollx

Hoi Poll

I understand what you mean about the volume of info.

A coupe of options may be:

  • Provide a reply on just one part of the criteria that may be applicable to you & MS


  • Create a hot topic post where may people can provide their thoughts and see if a volunteer can compile it together and return it on behalf of a collective.

If you are part of a MS Society branch or Therapy Centre, can something be put together there.

I feel even a small reply by a large number of people is better than nothing.

all the best


this thread was started in 2012.

long term hassle of PIP eh?

carole x