disability access

Hi, I work in a shop which has a step in to it and furniture over 4 floors. I am pretty good but do struggle when I’m having a bad phase. I had a lady in a wheel chair wanting to come into the shop today. We don’t have a ramp and the lady said by law we should. Actually , having ms myself, I felt very bad. My boss always says if someone can’t get in then I should take out the catalogues for them to look through. what are the guidelines on this? I want to be able to say to my boss what the requirements are and know that I have the facts.

Hi, well as fab as the DDA is on paper, there are a lot of shops/offices/banks in my area, which are old buildings and exempt from the rules!

I have a kerb climber on my wheelie, which allows me to climb a step of up to 4 ins. But it takes some welly and a steady hand on the joystick to perform the manoevre successfully. I dont climb anything over 2/3 inches as it knocks me about a bit.

I wont be doing it just yet, with my new spc…ooh the thought makes me shudder.

If you google the question re access, you should be able to get an answer.

luv Pollx

The law says that service providers (the shop) has to make a reasonable adjustment to the service or how they provide that service. The company for example as big as Apple computers may be required to install a ramp whereas a small shop with only limited turnover may provide the service some other way e.g. bringing a catalogue out for you to look at.

Some of the shops in my old market town have a portable ramp that they will bring out if you bang on the window or call through the door. Personally I don’t find this very satisfactory. I just want to get about my business not make a fuss. Shops should make reasonable attempts to give access to everyone and I suppose in an old building this is reasonable but I don’t like it. I would like even less looking at a catalogue in the street. Your shop wouldn’t get my business I’m afraid.


theres a decorating shop in town that has a step in the front door, mum cant get in as she needs a scooter to go out with, i struggle with steps as it is, i went into the shop after struggling and asked how do disabled people get into the shop as they have to have a ramp at the door and they havent got one, they said that any disabled person will just have to go to the back of the building, go through the store room at the back to get into the shop, i asked why should we have to go through all that? why cant you get a ramp? they said its not up to them to get a ramp and it was there boss’s responsibility, so i asked for the boss’s office number to ask him why, i got told that they cant afford to pay out the money for a ramp and that anyway they need planning permission from the council and that it takes too long to apply for permission, so ever since ive not gone into the shop and anyone i know wont go into the shop either

As Poll says certain buildings are exempt due to age and the fact that they are difficul to adapt, listed etc. I don’t actually mind going in the side or back entrance, usually find that the way the shop deals with that and how tidy the staff rooms etc are, is usually a good indication of their customer service, they can’t then deny that they Do in fact have toilets that you can use quite a good number actually have disabled friendly loos as not having them for the staff would cause them bigger problems than not having a ramp for customers. There must be some other access that the lady can use how do you take deliveries? where there’s a will and all that, I’d much rather be able to get in the shop (however that may be) than look at a catalogue in the street!

All deliveries are brought in through the front door ( the only access) it is old property and I know some of the other shops along the street have a door bell on a window ledge that says if you’re having difficulty accessing the shop please ring for attention. Then presumably someone comes out. It does seem very unsatisfactory taking out catalogues and brochures on to the street with no desk to put them on to look through. Then how to pay for things when your away from the til and card machine. It really does need a rethink.