direct payments

Afternoon campers (brr…wouldnt want to be camping in this chilly willy weather)

I`ve been using direct payments for some of my care since June 2010. It works really well most of the time.

Every quarter we have to complete an audit of everything that`s come in and been paid out, during that period.

It`s not an easy task. i aint no super mathmetician but i can add up and take away. But this task has caused me many hours of brain fuddle!

So how chuffed was I to get a letter on Monday, from the DP team!

Our LA is taking part in a pilot where we no longer have to do this job. We just send in copy payslips, invoices, tax payments and bank statements.

When someone first enquires about DPs, it can be very off putting/worrying when you see the paperwork involved.

So nice one Calderdale Council…this is one exercise I agree with totally!

luv Pollx