Diplopia and Prisms

Hello, this is my first time on here.
I am a 70 year-old chap and I have Primary Progressive MS (some folks say I look 50, but I feel 40!)
I’ve been a full-time wheelchair-user since 1996. I’ve got multiple lesions in my brain including cerebellum, brain stem and spinal cord.
I’ve had bilateral horizontal nystagmus for some time with diplopia (double vision). Lately, I felt the nystagmus was getting worse so I popped in to my optician for a check-up. They referred me to my local ophthalmology dept at my local hospital. When I saw someone a few days later, she fitted a prism on the right lens of my glasses as that eye was the problem turning in, to help with the double-vision. It took me a few days to get used to it, but my goodness does it work! Gone is the double-vision and everything is in focus.
And so to anyone with the same problem, I would heartily recommend getting a prism fitted too. When the ophthalmologist suggested a prism I thought of a glass pyramid dangling from my glasses, but how wrong was I. All it is is a thin plastic strip that sticks onto the lens. Yes, I can see the strips, but only if I look for them. Otherwise, it has fixed the problem!
Life with MS has affected my life however; I just do the best I can and I’m not shy asking for assistance when I need it.
Yes I lost the job I loved (I was a cop for 21 years) and lately gave up driving due to to ill-health.
Life has been hard I admit, but now I am resigned to the fact I just must go with the flow.


I wish someone would say I looked 50.

Thank you for that encouraging news about how they can help with double vision.That’s good to hear.

@alison100 you look under 50 :hugs:

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Bless you, my child. It’s a particularly flattering photo.

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