Did anyone feel rubbish after ocrevus infusion?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been diagnosed with rrms 2 years now and as of last year started on ocrevus (2 half doses).

I’m just wondering how anyone else has felt afterwards on it? After the first half dose, I did feel rough, tired for the best part of a week. Second half dose, absolutely fine. Then, just recently had the first full dose on Friday and I feel sooo unbelievably tired, little energy to do much but also very up and down with my moods.

I had 2 relapses last year which resulted in having to take steroids both times which made me feel loopy, sad, angry. As steroids is given before ocrevus, I’m wondering if it’s that?

Either way, just feeling down and guilty over not doing much. I have a husband and 2 kids which they are brilliant and understanding so no one is saying anything to make me feel this way, it’s just me!

I’m PPMS and had my second dose (the first full one) of ocrelizumab 3 weeks ago and have definitely felt more fragile. Feel like I’m over the worst.

They call it the “crap gap”. Last month or two before infusion where you are most depleted of the medication following by the new dose, it is common to feel crap for a few weeks.

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