Hi Found my way trying to figure out whats wrong with me seeing as the doctors have lost interest. Few months back I came down very ill with severe abdominal pain, eventually ended up in hospital where they took constant blood tests to see if I had appendicitis. After they ruled that out I was discharged with painkillers. My gp went nuts and booked me an ultrasound and ct scan. 2 weeks later ended up back in with pain. In trying to describe it to doctors said it was like there’s a tight band round my abdomen and a sharp pain ribs on right side. As well as that I’v. Suffered for years with painful feet, sometimes they feel like they’re on fire. Now my latest symptom is total inability to feel how full my bladder is, I can go normally but I can’t tell when to. I nearly died from glandular fever in 2003 (liver failure) no one seems able to say what’s wrong with me. Ultrasound showed an enlarged liver that they’re not worried about and ct scan was normal.

Been back today gp has ordered an mri. Finally someone tying together symptoms from the recent past that have never been explained, burning feet, numb spots on both legs, hair loss on both lower legs, gradual loss of bladder sensation, feeling like something tight is tied round my waist. It’s nice to be taken seriously after being treated so badly in hospital twice