hi all , got letter saying i have been diagnosed,

on letter it say from t3/4 to t5/6 there is an area of high but on t2w it says predominantly affecting right hemicord ( anyone know what this means )

neuro wanted to see me as soon as she could so have an app for wed

thanks for reading

lucy xx

Diagnosis by letter :-(((( Still, at least you’re getting to see the neuro very soon.

The letter is saying that you have a lesion in your thoracic spinal cord, in line with the vertebrae T3/4-T5/6. These are in your upper back; the second and third vertebrae after the end of your neck. The lesion is mainly in the right half of the cord.

Hopefully the neuro will explain it all on Wednesday. Make sure and take a list of questions and try to take someone with you if you can - the extra ears and eyes can come in very handy (never mind having someone handy to give you a hug if you need it).

Karen x

Hi, our Karen is great at helping us understand medi speak!

But i would echo her suggestion of taking soemone with you. I always do as it helps, when we get overwhelmed by nerves and anxiety.

Good luck for Wed.

luv Pollx