well it’s official, yesderday I got the results of my last brain MRI that I had done last Wednesday, which is showing 3 new leisons on my brain, so I have been officially diagnosed with MS, approx 7.5 months from very first symptoms to diagnosis.

Have now been referred to an ms specialist and a ms nurse so suppose I better get reading up on treatment options!

At least you know, the waiting doesn’t help. Good luck with it☺

Although no one wants to be diagnosed with MS, you can now begin to assimilate the news and move on…albeit a bit wobbly!

Do give yourself time to take it all in. Your moods will probably be all over the place. Pace your activities and look after yourself hun.

We are here for you.

Love Pollx

I too have just been diagnosed and had my visit from MS nurse. Stay positive :slight_smile: