I need advice please, apart from having MS I also have ulcerative colitis and Trigeminal neuralgia. I have been passing out when my carers get me into my wash room. They get me back into bed until lunch time then I am okay. So does anybody know what is chasing this? The hospital have done several test.

Hi Derek… Poor you!!! Sounds really awful.

I can’t think what could be causing it. I get Trigeminal Neuralgia too…luckily mine is not too bad yet and an extra Amitriptyline stops it. But I have been told to expect it to get worse and dread it doing so…and it is getting worse. What do you take for it?

I can only suggest you wait for the results of tests.

Do you think it could be the heat in wash room that’s causing you to pass out?

Hope you get some answers…and treatment…soon.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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Hi Derek. I can sympathise. I get TN too. Had it for two weeks once. Several Dr’s have told me they call it ‘the suicide pain’. They feel it is the worse pain you can suffer. I would definatly try and get more help with this now. Good luck. Ane

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Hi Derek

Could it be that your blood sugar is low? Also as Pat mentioned, could be too hot in there.

Hope they get it sorted quickly for you, take care.

Pam x

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Could it be the position you are in whilst in the wash room? I flaked out once due to bending over and a drop in blood pressure, although I’m guessing this has already been ruled out.

Hope you get answers soon.

Jan x