I am in limbo amd the last few weeks i have woken every morning with a sinking feeling inside me…i dont feel like doing anything…i have dizziness and nausea constantly and spent the weekend sleeping…is this depression and what can i do to change my mood?

Bless your heart

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you were depressed! This crap can make you feel very down.

why dont you call the helpline and book in to see your gp?

focus on the good things and forget ms- if it’s there then it’s there, surround yourself with nice people who make you feel good

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Dear worried, A few months ago I began to feel as though the world was a cinema and I was just watching. Just couldn’t take part. I have had depression before, many years ago and the feeling was similar. As though I was carrying a heavy grey cloud and I couldn’t look up. (Sorry for the analogy). Now with Dr. Suspecting MS, I have heard that depression can be common. Although I haven’t yet sought help, I have added it to my list of current symptoms. Seek help and take care. Ali