Depression the hidden side of MS

I have received a great deal of comments about depression, which has got me thinking… There is a definite stigma attached to depression and I believe that we do not talk about the subject as much as we should and hopefully the more we discuss the topic, the more understanding people in general will have. Read more:


Great blog, as usual. I always struggle to tell people how I feel and problems caused by MS, but depression is the thing I never mention. You are spot on, there seems to be a stigma attached to it, as though it’s a sign of weakness, when in reality its not.

I wish I found it easier to talk about to ‘Joe public’ that’s why this forum is a godsend, having friends who understand and don’t judge.

Keep up the good work AL.

Pàm x

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Hi Al,

Great blog as always!

I have recently read a book called Stop Thinking Start Living by Richard Carlson. It was recommended by a psychologist and it is absolutely amazing in that it is so simple. I can highly recommend it…it’s available from Amazon…and if you can follow its instructions you will be able change your way of thinking and not be depressed…sounds unbelievable I know but it really does work.

Nina X

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Hello AL.

Once again you’ve hit the spot. Admitting depression was a big step. I’m glad I did because the medication has really helped. It’s now possible to get through the bad days knowing that I will feel better soon. I’ve always taken pride in my patience in getting things done or problems solved. I feel as though I’ve taken some of that back. No more screaming at dropped irretrievable objects.

Best wishes, Steve.


great blog, Al, i left you a comment,

Nina i have just orderd the book you told us about,on my kindle,i will try anything to help get rid of this feeling.

J x

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AL that is a brilliant blog!

Very honest and explains things that most people would never think of. Yes being able to clean under things! Hang the washing out! So much that people take for granted.

I tweeted it. Keep up the good work!!! When feeling down, remind yourself that you are a writer with an internet blog that is highly regarded. It helps others with MS and other disabilities and it shows ‘normal’ people what it’s like to live like this.

Nina, thanks for the book recommendation. Just found it on Amazon kindle for £1.99 so bought it! Looks good!

Pat xx

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Hi Guys

Thank you for your wonderful comments, and Nina thanks for the book recommendation, I will get that.

I thought this subject needed to be discussed, I’ve had a lot of comments agreeing with me, I hope it helps open the subject up for further discussion . All the best to you all, and get smiling Deborah

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I really hope it helps you Mrs J!

I am normally quite good at keeping my chin up but I’ve had a really rotten time since the spring and I’d slowly sunk down into a black hole but this book really did help me see the light again.

good luck Mrs J…be glad to know what you think of the book.

Nina xx

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I hope that you and Pat both find it as helpful as I did.

Richard Carlson will be wondering why his sales have gone up, I know several people that have now bought it!

take care

Nina x

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Yes ,

isnt it always the case… its the simple things in life,that everyone takes for granted, that we miss the most…

j X

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Try not to get depressed, occupy your mind with anything, set yourself goals however small they maybe.Make sure you have something to look forward to , however small that might be as well !!

Boredom is my main depression trigger, its hard to stay positive when your just sitting there hours and days on end.

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My best two tablets I have each day are my antidepressants, I know if I miss them I get glum and have dark thoughts.