Depression and Multiple Sclerosis

Depression is one of the most common frequent symptoms of MS. It may be that the person with MS feels devastated about his condition, or that the disease itself causes the depression (destruction of the nerves in the brain). Nevertheless, depression is something that persons with MS go through. They are treated by medications and by counseling. Can you add more to this information please? Thanks.

I was referred to a counselling group & guided to try anti depressants. Speaking to folks who had no clue what problems the PPMS was causing. Advised by people with claimed knowledge of one person with severe MS who died in a bed ridden state. Straight after being diagnosed myself. Very helpful. NOT!

It resulted in me trying to take my own life & nearly being placed in care.

Hearing about gambling & drug addictions. Seemed irrelevant to losing everything from a condition way beyond my choice.

That’s when I seemed to of attracted the crooks who stole anything of value.

A door seemed to open to release my vulnerability to others with none related problems. Politics & religious beliefs. I thought PPMS was enough to be dealing with. That’s when I cut myself off from society & chose to do it my way. Theres a lot of strange folks in this world.

Needless to say. The path I chose seems a lot better. Helping the body repair itself & being around some good folks. Avoiding all the causes of stress & doing my thing. Living a healthier life & finding my creative spirit. Steering well clear of those who have mental issues. PPMS is not a neuropsychiatry problem. Greed is definitely an issue. People who think their way is the right way, because they shout louder & cause chaos. Forget that.

Rolling a Kayak & using tools is far more therapeutic to me.

Good luck finding a guru.


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Well, I’m not depressed.

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Neither am I, mind you if I read anymore of these ‘happy’ posts, I might be! Enough.


So good news! - Terry, Tracy, and I are NOT depressed.


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I am not depressed I take tablets to alleviate my depression

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MS does bring on sessions of depression.

I cure any depression by mind over matter.

When feeling a bit down I just think of happier times in my life and it works instantly. Job done.

Doctor gave me anti depressants but have never needed them.

I don`t think being depressed will do you any favours. People will avoid you and you will end up making yourself ill.

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Like Don, I have medication.

The biggest villains are fatigue and brain fog.


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Unfortunately people with any incurable illness are bound to get depressed at times, it’s not exclusive to MSers Runmilkshow, I understand you have focused on MS in particular, it is the MS site after all, but we are not the only 1s affected. Tracey

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