Depression questionnaire assessment - accuracy?

Evening all, I had a baby boy 8 months ago (wonderful and so exciting) and have also been struggling a bit recently with tiredness - so many people say that the first year is hard and having MS obviously adds to that!! Mainly the fatigue - but wouldn’t have it any other way I have MS and anxiety conditions - maybe related, maybe not - guess may never know. I was at the GP recently for another reason, and feeling a bit overwhelmed with sleep deprivation etc, and the subject of my anxiety came up and I burst into tears. We agreed I might benefit from CBT and so have just been assessed for depression and anxiety and I came back with moderate for both conditions.

I agree I suffer from anxiety - always have to a greater or lesser degree and it always comes out when I’m tired (new baby - it would!!) - but generally I am proud of the fact that I manage my various health issues pretty well as I think a lot of us do on here!!

I honestly don’t think I’m depressed however. I find great joy and satisfaction in my life every day, as well as hardships and tiredness, but that’s life isn’t it, I haven’t lost interest in things, I take care of my appearance, but don’t have a lot of time for myself as I have a new baby!? However, I came back with a score that just tipped me into moderately depressed, which I was surprised and actually upset to hear! I don’t related to the main symptoms.

When I reviewed the general health questionnaire PQH-9, my answer to two of the questions are related specifically to my circumstances, and I think not to being depressed - I got a high score for the moving and speaking slowly, which can be a symptom of depression but it is also a symptom of MS and happens to me sometimes when I overheat, and the sleeping question was kind of obvious. I mean surely the majority of people have poor sleep in the first year of having a baby?? But aren’t automatically depressed. So feel that the diagnosis isn’t accurate. I’m quite upset. I don’t want to add depression to my list of health conditions - got enough to deal with as it is thank you! Wondered if anyone had taken the PQH-9 test and felt the same? Could I be in denial however and don’t want to face it?? A bit confused!!

Thanks for any thoughts and sorry for anon

To be honest I think you’re worrying too much. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand and some gp’s would perhaps say they are one of the same. It’s all intertwined. I haven’t done that questionnaire so can’t comment on that but don’t get too hung up on labels and certainly don’t get upset by some questionnaire! The fact is your doing great, your managing your health conditions as well as bringing up a gorgeous baby boy on limited or broken sleep!

I too have quite severe anxiety and depression (as if having MS wasn’t enough!). And I have two small children so I run on automatic with little sleep. It’s tough going so I think we should not over-analyse it and give ourselves a pat on the back for coping with all we do. I take medication and attend CBT to keep things in check and it works for me. Hopefully the CBT will help you.

relax and take it easy xx


forget all about the test.

you have ms - bummer.

you have a new baby - incredible amount of love and cuddles.

so basically enjoy the life you have.

anonymous ah a baby you sound so bubbly and caring, and obviously love being a mum.

I think to be honest if everyone did a test with regard to depression we would all score lol.

I agree with others, your taking it all too literally, moderate depression after a baby is normal and then on top MS you are amazing you only scored moderate.

Nah your fine articulate and come over as a lovely person.

Just enjoy your baby and life. Like i said we all have depression to a certain extent lol. xx

Thanks so much for your good advice! Sorry to hear you have anxiety and depression - hope you have help to cope. Yes, having children is a challenge for anyone at the best of times and coping with MS fatigue and children is very tough sometimes! I am probably over analysing. Thanks again for replying - it has made me feel better!xx

Thank you! You’re right - all these tests aren’t worth getting upset over. It’s so important to appreciate the good things each day! Thanks for your support

Thanks for lovely reply and kind words - it made me feel better! You’re right, I think to be human involves depression at times!

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A few years ago I completed a PHQ and GADA which identified mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Before I could speak to a practitioner, I stopped taking one of my drugs and the symptoms disappeared.

Check that medication isn’t causing side effects.


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